Leading Remotely: Unveiling the Do’s & Don’ts of Managing a Virtual Team (with Drew Moffitt): Episode 390

On this episode, I have startup expert Drew Moffitt! Drew leads marketing at Kumospace. As one of the company's earliest employees, he helped take it from a pre-funded product with ~100 users to being used by several million around the world. Kumospace a Lightspeed Ventures portfolio company with more than $24 million in funding.  Drew Moffitt is a seasoned operator who has held the role of founder, corporate spin-off CEO, and head of marketing across a number of both B2B and B2C industries. His background in startups is rich having founded two companies (1 exit) and built four corporate back ventures including one for Ford Motor Company. His startup work has been featured in over 50 publications including Business Insider, Elite Daily, CNET, ABC’s Good Morning America, Refinery 29, and New Yorker. 

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  • Drew Moffitt is a marketer at Kumospace, a company that provides virtual office software.
  • Drew has extensive experience in the startup world and has been involved in the founding and operation of several startups.
  • Drew went to college in 2007 and had aspirations of working in finance, but the 2008 financial crisis changed his plans.
  • Drew started his career in residential real estate and then went on to attend Columbia Business School.
  • Drew joined Kumospace as one of its earliest employees and has been with the company for over two years. Drew’s main focus at Kumospace has been to figure out the best way to market the product and reach the target market.
  • What is Kumospace? Kumospace is building virtual offices for remote teams to show up. Incorporating all the benefits of a physical office while allowing team members to work from anywhere. Kumospace’s video chat product has been used by millions of people around the world, from informal gatherings to Fortune 500 conferences. Most recently, remote and hybrid teams use Kumospace to be more productive and build better bonds between coworkers.
  • The use of Kumospace’s product has changed significantly over the past few years and has evolved into more than just a better version of Zoom.
  • Drew has been a part of Kumospace during a period of significant change, including a seed round and a Series A funding round. His background in both sales and marketing has been valuable in his role at Kumospace.
  • Drew is still involved in the startup ecosystem and has been for over 10 years.
  • Drew has a good understanding of SEO related work and has seen positive growth and improvements in their search visibility.
  • Drew says his favorite startup book is “The Hard Things About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz. The book is about Horowitz’s experiences with his startup and how he persevered through tough times.
  • Drew and his team are available for demos in their virtual office, where there are typically 20-30 people working.


  • (0:38) A little more about Drew.
  • (0:42) Drew talks about his role as a marketer at Kumospace.
  • (1:14) What Drew’s startup journey was like.
  • (2:05) Drew’s career journey before joining Kumospace.
  • (3:02) What does Drew do at Kumospace?
  • (8:03) How to virtually stop at someone’s desk.
  • (10:20) Building team culture in a remote environment.
  • (14:13) How Drew got his app in the App Store.
  • (17:20) What it means to Drew to make an impact.
  • (19:20) Drew’s favorite startup book.
  • (20:30) Where to connect with Drew and Kumospace.


  • “We’re building Virtual Office software that basically replicates all the benefits of a physical office in a virtual space.”
  • “I went to college in 2007, I graduated in 2011 so the kind of starting year was a whole different world than the ending year.”
  • “I naively believed that I would end up in finance, and that seemed kind of like the natural path in the mid-2000s.”
  • “My time here has just been kind of two main things, one figuring out like what the little bit of lightning in the bottle that we felt we had back in the late summer of 2020 is, how to market that and then really just focusing on getting that word out there.”


Books Mentioned in the Episode:

“The Hard Things About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz

Connect with Drew:

Drew’s email: drew@kumospace.com

Watch Full Episode:

Leading Remotely: Unveiling the Do\'s & Don\'ts of Managing a Virtual Team (with Drew Moffitt): Episode 390

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