In this episode, I'll share some of the top money hacks we do that have earned us free vacations, set us on the path for early retirement, and more

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1. Credit card hacking (1:29)

We’ll buy specific credit cards and take advantage of the sign up bonus, and also depending on how we use it, use a specific credit card for a specific thing!

Example: I just signed up for a new Chase credit card where if spend $3k in the first 90 days, you get major credits to airfare. I will use  this credit card a lot the first 90 days to make sure we hit the bonus, but pay it all off as I go, and then the air fare credits are like free money.

The new Chase Ink Preferred carried gives you 3x on Facebook ad spend! Because we spend $1k a day on Facebook ads, we get a ton of points just by using that card as we run our ads.

The Amex Platinum card is another one I use and love, because there are so many benefits to having that card. I get into every airline lounge by having this card. I also get Clear at the airports at a super low rate. I love doing this stuff because of how much we travel.

Our Capital One card is the go to card for our business. But we do not carry any credit card debt! We pay it off, but this hack has given us free flights, free trips, free points through ads, and so much more!

So credit card hacking is amazing. Just take a look to see which credit cards give you which points for what, and start getting those points!

2. Automate our investments (4:55)

I read the book Automatic Millionaire, and was so inspired. Automate everything so you don’t have to think about it! When we make money in our business, we automatically have it go into our checking account, and then, we do all our investments in vanguard, we will have it automatically take money out when money hits our account so we can be automatically investing.

So my advice, automate as much as you can.

3. Buy Used Cars (5:40)

We don’t buy fancy cars, we drive used cars.

One of the things we do that’s different than most people, is we drive our cars until we can’t anymore, and then ship it to Senegal.

We have a car rental business in Senegal, where we do car rentals for 50-60 euros a day.

So we drive our cars here, and then ship it over, and continue to make money off of that car.

The way we think about our finances is different.

We can buy that liability of that nice fancy car if we wanted, we can get that Tesla, or we can take that money and buy these other cars that we ship over to Senegal and then cashflow.

So it’s just how we think about things, in terms of asset vs. liability, means that we try to limit our liability as much as we can and invest as much as we can, because we know if we invest, that money on cars, into the stock market, etc, we know the return on that investment.

So we try to think about money a little bit differently.

4. We furnished our rental properties for under 200 euros (8:15)

We furnished our place in France, and our equestrian property apartment in Orlando all by doing it on Facebook marketplace and craigslist, or even curb alerts here in the states!

When we moved to Senegal, we shipped our furniture from France to Senegal, because it’s cheaper to ship it than it would be to buy new things in Senegal.

We look at all the different aspects, what’s cheaper, can we flip it because everything’s imported in Senegal.

Furniture is so expensive there, so essentially you are taking someones “trash” a piece of old furniture they didn’t want from France, and it really is someone’s treasure in Senegal.

“Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.”

We research where we can get things cheaper. That’s all my husband. He has the patience to do this research so we really do get the best deals.

5. Loyalty Rewards (10:02)

We try to be loyal to one company for each thing, and get the loyalty rewards or points.

Example, because I always fly United, I have certain status which means I get free checked bags, free flights using those points, and upgrades.

6. Money vs. Time (10:35)

I always like to think of will this save me money? Or will this save me time?

I’m willing to spend money to get back more time.

Example: I’m willing to spend money to have someone:

-Clean our house so I don’t have to spend hours doing that

-Deliver our groceries so I don’t need to go to the grocery store

-Have a coach so I don’t waste time figuring it out on my own

Once you start to look at money vs. time, you will gain that perspective that your time is worth more than some of the tasks you’re putting yourself through.

Time is such a precious asset. I want to spend as much time as I can in my business, but also as much time as I can with my family. I could do all the errands, or I can get instacart or amazon to deliver it. I could try to do everything on my own in my business, or I can hire a coach who will save me months if not years teaching me what I would have otherwise struggled to learn on my own.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. The best investment I’ve ever made is in myself, learning and working with other mentors. It’s so much better than trying to figure it out on my own. Invest in yourself.

If time really is important to you, then you might have to invest some of your money to get your time back.

7. Always be thinking, multiply your money (13:10)

I’m not thinking of how I can spend my money as soon as I make it. We are thinking of how we can truly invest it to see a greater return.

It’s easy to want to just get the newest and best thing, but take that money and think of how you can multiply it!

It all comes down to how you think about money. I hope these 6 tips were helpful in showing you that it is all about perspective, and thinking about money differently. Don’t be lazy. Put in the work to set up these systems into your life.



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