How to Differentiate Yourself in a Saturated Market + How to Get Started with Meditation (with Kelly Smith): Episode 374

On this episode, we have globally celebrated yoga and meditation teacher, Kelly Smith! Kelly is the founder of Yoga For You, and host of the iTunes chart-topping podcasts, Mindful In Minutes (100k weekly listens) and Meditation Mama. Kelly believes that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to yoga and meditation and encourages her students to find their own personal practice, listen to their bodies, and find inner joy by accessing their most authentic selves and owning their power. Kelly specializes in the non-physical limbs of yoga and is best known for her master trainings in meditation, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra and her international retreats.

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  • “There is a teacher for every student and a student for every teacher,” but Kelly says not every student is for every teacher. As a teacher, you don’t have to appeal to everyone, you just have to find ways to elevate the experience for your students and finding those matches.
  • The right people will find you. When you’re authentic and don’t try to appeal to everyone, you end up finding your tribe.
  • Kelly says to think about where your person is and go out and find them! Go to the places your ideal clients hang out and you will find customers.
  • Meditation is single pointed concentration. Kelly says your mind is like a lightbulb. Every day, just walking around shining on, but when you mediate, you’re trying to get your mind to be a laser pointer. All that light and energy on one particular thing.
  • The space in between the distractions gets  bigger. Every time you wander, gently bring yourself back.
  • 8-12 minutes a day of meditation is enough to get the emotional and physical benefits of the practice in.
  • Mediation helps with focus and concentration, strengthening the pain, worry, anxiety, fear center of the brain. After 6 weeks of daily meditation, you will have less triggers to fear and anxiety.
  • Kelly has experienced so many benefits from meditation. She talked about how she has ADHD, and through meditation, she has been able to learn how to focus in on 1 thing at a time and quiet her mind when she wants to go to a creative space.
  • Beginner meditation apps Kelly recommends: Kelly has 250+ guided meditations. She also recommends Headspace, or 10 minute guided meditation on YouTube!
  • Although the practice of meditation comes from cultures that are older Christianity, the practice of single point concentration is not a religious practice. Mediation is like lifting weights for your brain.
  • Kelly says that in order to create a great income in an industry that is known for low wages, like Yoga, she recommends having multiple income streams. A few weekly classes, a monthly event, quarterly retreat, and an online passive revenue stream.
  • Kelly says just like with anything, you learn fastest when you’re learning from others. Her recommendation, if you want to run a retreat, is to partner up with someone who’s done one before so you can learn the ins and outs. You can learn so much more in so much less time if you’re learning from someone who’s gone through it already.


  • (1:42) A little more about Kelly.
  • (2:23) Differentiating yourself in a saturated market.
  • (3:50) Kelly’s experience with differentiating herself.
  • (6:45) Debunking meditation myths.
  • (8:20) How long should you meditate each day?
  • (10:28) How meditation can truly change your brain.
  • (11:45) Benefits Kelly has experienced from meditation.
  • (13:10) How meditation helps being a mom of a toddler.
  • (14:35) Beginner meditation apps Kelly recommends.
  • (15:25) Teachers are like goat cheese.
  • (17:01) Is mediation against Christianity?
  • (18:10) How to create a great income in an industry that is known for low wages.
  • (20:15) What kind of retreats Kelly does for yoga.
  • (21:20) Advice for running a retreat and learning from others.
  • (22:03) What it means to Kelly to make an impact.
  • (22:49) One of the best books Kelly’s read.
  • (23:23 Where to connect with Kelly.


“There is a teacher for every student and a student for every teacher.”

“We have the time, you just have to prioritize the time.”

“Get someone where you can learn from their mistakes.”

“Be a forklift in life, always be lifting people up.”


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Mindful in Minutes

Meditation Mama

Instagram: @yogaforyouonline

Books Recommended in the episode:

The Yamas & Niyamas

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How to Differentiate Yourself in a Saturated Market + How to Get Started with Meditation (with Kelly Smith): Episode 374

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