How to Lead a True Movement (with Nicole Lamoureux): Episode 382

On this episode, we have on special guest and Chief Executive Officer, Nicole Lamoureux. Nicole works daily with the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC), its 1,400 member organizations and its partners like CVS to advance the mission of ensuring the medically underserved have access to affordable, quality health care.  Nicole has testified before Congress, is a regular TV commentator – having been featured on MSNBC, CNN, and FoxNews to name a few – and has published numerous articles on the important role of America’s safety net and charitable care providers. Nicole has been named four times by the Nonprofit Times as one of the top 50 Most Influential and Powerful Nonprofit Executives in the USA. She has received the Center of NonProfit EXCEL Award for Excellence in Executive Non-Profit Leadership.

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  • The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics is an organization that provides access to free healthcare for people without insurance.
  • The organization has 1400 member clinics and serves 2 million people annually.
  • Nicole was inspired to work for the organization after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and experiencing the financial burden of paying for treatment.
  • Nicole attributes the organization’s growth to her willingness to be authentic and share her story, as well as her focus on building relationships and partnerships.
  • The organization has experienced significant financial growth under Lamoreaux’s leadership.
  • Nicole believes that authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty are important qualities for leaders to possess.
  • Nicole suggests that one key to leading a movement is to identify and focus on a single goal or message. She advises that leaders should surround themselves with people who have diverse skills and experiences, and believes that it is important for leaders to be able to adapt and pivot in response to changing circumstances.
  • Nicole advises aspiring leaders to seek out mentors and surround themselves with supportive people.
  • Set aside time for learning and self-improvement. Prioritize a small number of tasks each day instead of trying to complete a long to-do list, and practice delegation and invest in help rather than just considering the cost.
  • Confidence is an important leadership quality. It is important not to take oneself too seriously. Mistakes are inevitable, but they do not define you.
  • Come from a stance of power rather than using certain words or phrases.
  • Busyness is not the same as productivity.
  • It is important to value yourself and your contributions.
  • Practice good time management to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Empathy and remembering personal details about others can make a big impact. It is important to be kind, rather than just nice, and to have tough conversations when necessary. Seeking therapy and practicing gratitude can help with personal growth and development.
  • Trusting oneself is important in order to gain the trust of others.
  • It is important to take care of oneself in order to be able to take care of one’s business.


  • (0:21) The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.
  • (1:29) Nicole’s cancer diagnosis and the financial burden of treatment.
  • (2:58) Nicole’s leadership and the organization’s growth.
  • (3:01) The importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty in leadership.
  • (7:52) The role of diversity and inclusion in the organization’s success.
  • (11:19) Time management and prioritization.
  • (11:30) The importance of learning and self-improvement.
  • (12:07) Delegation and investing in help.
  • (13:10) Leadership qualities.
  • (12:51) The importance of good time management.
  • (16:55) Empathy and personal connections.
  • (17:03) Gender pay gap.
  • (17:54) The difference between being nice and being kind.
  • (18:50) Personal growth and development.
  • (19:43) Trusting oneself.
  • (23:01) The hardest things Nicole has gone through with her organization.
  • (26:23) One of the best books Nicole’s read.
  • (27:05) What it means to Nicole to make an impact.
  • (27:55) Where to connect with Nicole Lamoureux.


  • “I wondered how people that don’t have insurance took care of themselves.”
  • “I was just willing to be authentic. I think that’s the first thing that helped me grow this organization.”
  • “Vulnerability, honesty, transparency, that is what the world needs right now.”
  • “One key to leading a movement is you have to have a single goal or message.”
  • “I believe that diversity and inclusion is the key to success.”
  • “I think it’s important for leaders to be able to adapt and pivot.”
  • “I think it’s really important for aspiring leaders to surround themselves with people who have diverse skills and experiences.”
  • “I think it’s really important for aspiring leaders to seek out mentors and surround themselves with supportive people.”
  • “I think that when I start reading books and I hear that CEOs of Major Brands set aside two hours a day to read and to learn and I think wow I’m lucky if I set aside 30 minutes to go to the restroom.”
  • “Confidence-but you can’t be cocky and I think that those are two very different things. Again, as a woman remove those words that aren’t strong words from your vocabulary. Know your value and who you are, you’re bringing something to the table.”
  • “Make sure you come from your stance of power but also be willing to listen and be coachable because even though you might know a lot about what you’re doing you’re always going to learn something new.”


Books mentioned in the episode:

Straight Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich

The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Connect with Nicole:

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How to Lead a True Movement (with Nicole Lamoureux): Episode 382

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