How to Navigate Anxiety in Business (Robyn Graham): Episode 323

On this episode, I’m interviewing Robyn Graham! Using the power of brand strategy Robyn Graham helps women build personal brands and businesses with solid foundations for long-term brand and business success. Robyn helps her clients find clarity, confidence, and connection and identify and connect with their purpose and ideal audience to create brand messaging that builds relationships that convert to profits. She saves her clients from overwhelm and frustration, and from investing time and money with no results. Robyn helps her clients build brands that stand out and make an impact while following their God-led callings.

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  • A lot of times, people don’t understand what they’re feeling is anxiety. Where they fear, there is procrastination and overwhelm, and Robyn says that sometimes we don’t know we are having anxiety, and if we don’t know we can’t fix it.
  • Robyn says anxiety is like a ferris wheel. When you have these negative thoughts, they just keep coming in. None of the negative thoughts have a chance to get off the ferris wheel and no positive thoughts can get on. What’s triggering these negative thoughts?
  • Stomach aches, insomnia, headaches, anger, can all be a symptom of anxiety. When you recognize that you feel that way, ask questions:
    • Did you see something on social media to trigger it?
    • Did you interact with someone who made you feel upset?
    • Did you just fail?
    • Do you have to do a video or presentation?
  • Recognize what the trigger is so you can pinpoint it and give yourself the opportunity to strategize to navigate around it.
  • Robyn says if you’re Type A, and a perfectionist, you might feel these triggers more. Don’t try to be perfect. Try to show up as your natural self. When you’re aligned with your values and your purpose, you’re going to feel so much peace and have more clarity. Continue to grow as yourself and be yourself. You can only do what YOU are called to do.
  • Social media can be a trigger of anxiety in business. Is it dragging you down or building you up? Don’t do the things that make you feel horrible. It’s okay to stop scrolling through people’s highlight reel.
  • We don’t see what people go through to have the social media highlight reel that they have–the people who have the perfect bodies have full nutrition coaches, fitness trainers, it’s their full time job! It’s a different level. Don’t compare yourself to something that isn’t your reality.
  • Robyn says when you have anxious thoughts coming in, you have to catch them. It’s work. It’s not easy. But at least you’ll have the tools to navigate it.
  • Catch, challenge, change–control, confidence”
    • Catch yourself thinking those negative, anxiety inducing thoughts.
    • Ask yourself if the thought is rational? Can it be held up in a court of law?
    • If there’s nothing that is true or rational, change that thought.
    • The more you catch and challenge your thoughts, the more you can change your mindset and navigate through those limiting thoughts and have more success.
  • Robyn says that therapy is so important. Find someone who’s a good fit for you. Don’t stop at one person if they’re not a good fit. Find someone for you!
  • Healthy habits with mental illness:
    • Sleep–getting 8 hours of sleep is so important. Sleep regulates everything in our body. The more sleep we have, the better we will feel. The better our bodies feel, the better our minds feel.
    • Exercise–releasing positive endorphins helps regulate stress hormones (cortisol)
    • Journaling–write out a problem and the limiting belief and write out how it’s not true. There’s a big connection between our brain and writing. You engage all the senses.
    • Diet–too much caffeine triggers anxiety, eating fruits and veggies is so important. When we’re putting foreign things in our body, our body tries to reject it.
    • Meditation/tapping–focusing in on your own mind.


  • (1:42) A little more about Robyn.
  • (3:11) More about anxiety in business.
  • (4:15) People are only going to share the highlight reel…
  • (6:07) Anxiety is like a ferris wheel.
  • (6:46) Finding out what your triggers are.
  • (9:08) Strategize to navigate through your anxiety.
  • (10:15) What do we do in business that are anxiety triggers?
  • (12:01) Social media triggering of anxiety?
  • (14:32) Coping with triggers.
  • (17:50) The 5 C’s
  • (19:01) Finding a therapist that’s a good fit for YOU!
  • (21:44) Healthy habits with mental illness.
  • (25:03) One of the best books Robyn has read.
  • (25:51) What doe sit mean to Robyn to make an impact.
  • (26:05) Where to connect with Robyn.


“We’re only meant to be doing what we’re called to do.”

“When you’re aligned with your values and your purpose, you’re going to feel so much peace and have more clarity.”

“Catch, challenge, change–control confidence”


Connect with Robyn:


Podcast: The Robyn Graham Show

Book: Coming out March 15th!

Robyn’s Anxiety Resources:

Better Help: Online Therapy 

Talk Space: Online Therapy

Faithful Counseling: Online Christian Counseling

Psychology Today: Find a local therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist

Good Therapy: Find a local therapist 


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How to Navigate Anxiety in Business (Robyn Graham): Episode 323

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