Create a Top Ranked Podcast Today (with Stefanie Gass): Episode 361

On this week’s episode, I have on CEO, wife, boy mom, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast, Stefanie Gass! Stef helps women start a podcast and successful online business, God's way. She is the host of a top .5% globally ranked podcast, The Stefanie Gass Show. Stefanie believes that when we partner with God in life and business we experience true miracles in our lives and the lives of others.

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  • Stefanie says that she recommends creating a podcast to build the audience and then create a course around your niche FOR that audience!
  • Stef says she believes so fiercely that regardless of your calling, ANY type of online business, you have to pick some kind of online long form content. You have to show up to it and she says a podcast is such a great way to convert listeners to clients.
  • Theres only 1 podcast for every 1,000 blogs! It’s a way less saturated market than blogging or Instagram, and Stef thinks podcasting is the best fit for 90% of people in the online space.
  • When it comes to creating a podcast that gets listeners organically, here are Stef’s tips:
    • Make sure you have an SEO and keyword driven title and tagline on your art so people can see what you’re all about. This way when people type in the search engine, you will come up! Stef says to do real market research with humans to see what they are looking for. Find those niche keywords!
    • Have true valuable content that gets shared. It’s better to have short and amazing content then a 2 hour episode of blabbing. Word of mouth is huge–so making a positive impression is a great way to get word of mouth marketing. Ask actively for your audience to share it!
  • You need to answer these 2 questions if you want your podcast to explode:
    • 1. Who is the only person you serve? Who are they? How old are they? What is their pain point?
    • 2. What’s the 1 thing you do to help solve that problem?
  • Fix your art! One big tip to helping your podcast, is fixing your art. Update it! Make it big text, great photo, a great tagline of what you’re about, etc.
  • Stef says that in order to boost old views, go back and change old episode titles! Podcasts are a search engine! So go back and revamp your titles to be SEO friendly and you will see an uptick of views!
  • You should have a multi six figure business on one course alone before you ever look at the next thing. If you have the one problem that your person has, that’s your million dollar ticket.
  • One of the biggest mistakes Stef sees people make when it comes to podcasting is that people try to be what someone else already is. Don’t get in someone else’s lane because you’re trying to be like them. Start from your heart, and work from what YOU know. Don’t change your ideas or your messaging because you don’t think it will add value. It will and your people will resonate with you. Someone out there is praying for you and what you’ve done. You are their blessing.
  • Another mistake Stef sees is giving up too soon. She said she has a student who’s podcast was pretty flat and at that one year mark, it totally exploded! Everybody’s graph looks different. Don’t give up on it. Had she given up at that 6 month mark, she would have never exploded!
  • The point of podcasting is a deep message and interaction in a short amount of time.
  • Social is 1 to 1, you have to post, someone has to see it, etc. Stef says that Pinterest and podcasting has content work FOR you. She uses her podcast, makes graphics and videos from that episode, and then puts them on Pinterest. Then when someone clicks on those it brings them right back to your episode! It has so much reach and it’s a search engine so it lasts forever!


  • (1:24) A little more about Stefanie.
  • (2:48) Should you have a podcast?
  • (5:03) How to create a podcast that gets noticed organically.
  • (7:05) How to find keywords and phrases to embed into your podcast messaging.
  • (9:30) Getting word of mouth marketing!
  • (10:45) Stef’s tips if your podcast isn’t growing.
  • (12:28) The power of fixing your podcast art!
  • (13:10) Fixing old podcast titles.
  • (16:30) A six figure course…your million dollar ticket.
  • (17:38) Mistakes Stef sees in podcasting.
  • (20:30) What Stef’s podcast rebrand looked like.
  • (21:42) Don’t give up on what you’re called to do.
  • (22:50) The point of podcasting.
  • (23:03) Pinterest and Podcasting!
  • (25:20) Imagine not having to post every day…
  • (26:42) What it means to Stef to make an impact.
  • (26:57) One of the best books Stef’s read.
  • (28:03) You can do podcasting around your kids lives.
  • (29:04) Where to connect with Stef.


“If you want to have success without selling your soul to the internet, you have to either write and blog, do video, or you have to do audio.”

“Audio is the way.”

“Theres only one podcast for every 1,000 blogs.”

“I want to use a big fish in a small pond!”

“Follow the growth.”

“You’re talking to no one if you’re trying to talk to everyone.”

“Start from your heart.”

“Someone out there is praying for you and what you’ve done. You are their blessing.“

“The world wants you to give up on what you’re called to do…but you have to see it through.”


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Stay in your Lane by Lee Domingue

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Create a Top Ranked Podcast Today (with Stefanie Gass): Episode 361

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