How to STOP Self Sabotaging (with Mindi Huebner): Episode 291

Mindi Huebner is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, a certified Health, Life and Success coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. Mindi knows Unlocking Your Magic is the key to creating an extraordinary business and life. Helping women create massive change through small shifts in thoughts, habits and beliefs is her number one mission! She is an author, speaker, coach, mentor and difference maker. When she's not meditating or out for a run, you'll find her sipping on a smoothie and planning her next trip to the beach! 

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  • Our brain deletes, distorts, and generalizes based on our beliefs. Our mind won’t do anything more than what we believe we can do.
  • Our habits will show us where we have limiting beliefs, whether it’s self doubt, procrastination, etc. Mindi says finding those areas of getting stuck is the first part of the solution. Instead of asking “why” ask yourself “what” makes you feel a certain way.
  • Mindi says our beliefs often come from one meaning that we assign a feeling. Once we can overcome that feeling and assign a different emotion other than a negative one to a situation, that’s when we can overcome it.
  • Exhaust yourself in the “What else could this mean?” Choose a meaning that is empowering!
  • Limiting beliefs that Mindi sees a lot:
    • Perfectionism
    • Imposter syndrome
  • Mindi says that in order to get over these limiting beliefs, ask yourself what is perfectionism protecting you from? Is it protecting you from failure, or is it keeping you from succeeding? Ask, what would happen if you no longer believed that you are a perfectionist. Ask, where that belief came from and what could happen if you no longer believed that about yourself.
  • What are some things you say after “I am?”
  • You can become whoever you want. A little resistance is good. Mindi shares that you should be a 4 or 5 on the scale of out of your comfort zone. But if you’re a 10, you’re going to run the other way. Be uncomfortable, but don’t go so far out that you don’t believe in yourself.
  • When you slowly move the needle, you make strides to believing in yourself. Then, Mindi says, your future self can trust your past self because you’re already achieving your goals.
  • Mindi talks about mental rehearsal, and how it’s a huge part of her morning routine. See yourself doing these things you want to achieve throughout the day.  If it’s a workout, feel the sweat, smell what you’d smell, totally embody yourself doing that thing, being who you want to be. These are incremental identity shifts.
  • Have a wellformed outcome so you can mentally rehearse. Show your brain the outcome.
  • The secret sauce is getting in your: Of Course Energy.
  • Mindi says that when you do those mental rehearsals, it’s okay to expect and rehearse for the best, it’s also okay to have a plan for if things go wrong. Rehearse how YOU show up and who you are being.
  • Be. Do. Have. In your mental rehearsals:
    • Be: Be that woman already.
    • Do: Do the things that that woman would do.
    • Have: Then you will have the life that you want.


  • (2:24) A little more about Mindi.
  • (3:05 The things Mindi sees that causes people to get stuck.
  • (5:55) Workshopping how to change a negative belief to a positive one for a situation.
  • (8:40) Ask yourself: “What else could this mean?”
  • (11:02) Limiting beliefs that Mindi sees a lot.
  • (13:05) How you can overcome your limiting beliefs.
  • (15:16) The power of attracting and repelling.
  • (15:52) Empowering habits vs. disempowering habits.
  • (16:44) Ask yourself: “I am __________.”
  • (19:14) Start small and neutral–and grow from there.
  • (22:29) Mindi’s routines for success: mentally rehearse.
  • (26:01) Find your Of Course Energy.
  • (31:02) Who are you being? How are you showing up?
  • (32:21) Listen to Mindi’s guided meditation.
  • (34:01) How often should you meditate?
  • (34:50) Other meditation apps that Mindi uses.
  • (36:38) Be. Do. Have. in your mental rehearsals: who do you get to be in this moment?
  • (37:40) Best books Mindi’s ever read.
  • (39:25) Where to connect with Mindi Huebner.


“You think a thought, it becomes a belief or identity.”

“What are some things you say after ‘I am?’”

“The small little incremental goals prove to yourself that you can do big things.”

“Continually move the needle.”

“Expect the crap to happen.”


Connect with Mindi Huebner:


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Instagram: @mindihuebner

Books mentioned in the episode:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Limitless by Jim Kwik

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How to STOP Self Sabotaging (with Mindi Huebner): Episode 291

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