I Reveal My Top Lessons Learned in 2021: Episode 311

2021 was quite the year. From spending thee first 6 months in Senegal, to starting up multiple businesses and income streams, I learned a ton! As we reach the last couple weeks of the year, I wanted to reveal my top lessons I learned in 2021!

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Let go of how you thought it would be… (3:20)

Be willing and open for life to unfold differently.

We moved to Senegal, and were there for 6 months. But when we came back to visit the US, our son TJ was thriving here. We were not planning on staying here. But we saw how much he love it, and the opportunities he had here. So we made the decision to stay.

So this taught me to really let go of how you thought life would go. If you’re holding the reigns so tightly on your life, there’s no room to expand or change your plans. And life is all about those changes and decisions. So let go of how you thought it would be.


Don’t blindly trust experts for everything (5:22)

This past year, I started to look at strategies critically, not just blindly implement. I was able to grow in my business by doing this. I stopped just taking every single strategy given, and implementing it exactly how my coaches did it. I feel like by doing this, and putting my own spin on peoples advice, it’s made me ME. It’s given me more of a say in my business instead of implementing other peoples strategies. I gave it my own twist and this helped me really grow.

I had a similar experience at the chiropractor for an adjustment. I had a feeling that she looked too young and had an odd feeling going into it. She ended up really hurting my ribs and this was a lesson to not blindly trust an expert.

Follow your intuition, be your own person, and follow your gut instinct!


We never “make it” and you need to get out of complacency (8:40)

We became millionaires this year. Nothing has really changed. And that to me was a lesson in and of itself. You will never be satisfied and not want to achieve something next. So it’s really important to celebrate growth and milestones, but always have other goals to work on next.

One big piece of advice I learned this year is that you always have to have a what’s next to work towards! You’re either growing, or dying. There’s no staying still. Continue to grow and have a something next. Because those goals, and next steps are what are going to push you.


Content Fatigue is real… (9:42)

I’ve had an online business for over 10 years now. WOW.

And it’s easy to look at alllll that content and think that I’ve said everything I need to say. Sometimes I don’t know what else to say!

But 2021 taught me this is NORMAL. And that I need two grow and expand what I talk about.

Craig Groshells book, Winning the War In Your Mind, really helped me with this. He said that he felt like he had done sermons on everything he knew how to do sermons on.

This is normal. You’re not alone. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and it’s okay to share your stories more than once. Just keep growing and expanding on it. 


Know the kind of business you want to have, not the kind of business experts tell you you should have… (11:05)

This made me think of one of my mentors. She has a $30M business with 30+ employees. That’s incredible, but I don’t really want that.

I want to have a great income, give back, be able to spend time with my family, and travel. Does that mean a $30M business? Not necessarily.

Your goals and ambitions don’t have to be as big as someone else. YOU get to plan out what your goals and dreams look like best for your life.


YOLO- You only live once.(13:30)

Life goes fast. Family’s important. Hug and cuddle often.

DOn’t hold the grudges, life’s too short.

Family comes first for me.

What are those fun things you want to do? For me- this year has taught me to book those trips, plan that time off, go to the concerts!

I have travel dates booked, I’m going to an Ed Sheeran concert in Europe, and it’s SO key to make those plans. Spend money on your happiness. Life’s too short not too… you only live once.


You’re going to have great launches, and bad launches. (14:48)

You’re going tto have great launches, and then launches that don’t do so hot. And sometimes those can be weeks or months apart….guess what? THAT’S OKAY! 2021 helped me separate business success from my own self worth.

Separate yourself from your outcome. It doesn’t define your worth, or the worth of your business.


Don’t get emotionally attached… (15:40)

I had to make the hard decision to let go of a higher up on our team recently. Great person, just wasn’t producing the results we needed for the price we were paying. And this was a really good lesson for my business, and me as a leader.

Don’t get emotionally attached. 2021 helped me grow into this. It’s okay to make hard decisions for your business.

The more we make those hard decisions, the more we expand and grow.

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I Reveal My Top Lessons Learned in 2021: Episode 311

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