The 5 Essential Funnels We Use In Our Business: Episode 318

It's Funnel February!! That's right, this month we're talking all things FUNNELS! On this episode, I'm diving into the 5 essential funnels we use in our business, and how you can start to see so much growth by implementing these funnel hacks!!

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  • Funnels are such a great way for you to automate your business
  • Different kinds of funnels:
    • Lead Magnet and Email nurture sequence:
      • This is a freebie, something you’re offering for free in exchange for someones name and email address, and then you follow it up with an email nurture sequence, a series of emails after that gets them to know more about you that will lead to a sale.
    • Webinar Funnel:
      • You have an opt in page, and then a thank you page, then you have an email nurture sequence reminding them of the webinar, you do the webinar and then have a series of emails after leading to a sale.
    • SLO Funnel (Self Liquidating Offer):
      • This funnel is similar to lead magnet, except you have an offer instead of the thank you page. You have a low ticket offer. (Around $7-$47)
      • You do a landing page that leads to the baby offer, then on the page where they’re buying, you can add upsells, and then you can even add an OTO (one time offer) page, after they purchase, they submit and get a special offer!
      • The point of this is if you’re running Facebook ads to grow, this helps you recoup some of these ads.
    • Challenge Funnel
      • Similar to webinar funnel
      • You have opt in page, the landing page, they enter their name and email, it goes to a thank you page or upsell/VIP page. Then the email sequence to remind them of the challenge, you do the challenge, then you usually have an offer on either day 3,4 or 5, then have sales emails after the challenge is done.
    • Summit Funnel
      • A great way to build your email list, and get other experts in your space to be a part of it!
      • Example: Smarter Income Stream- it’s a great list builder and it’s FREE!
      • You have an opt in page for a name and email, then a thank you page or upsell/ go VIP page, then emails to remind them to show up live, then you do the summit!
    • High Ticket Funnel
      • Great if you have a high ticket offer!
      • Essentially you drive traffic to an application page, they apply, and people get on the phone with interested people, and you can sign new clients through this process.



  • (1:09) Why Funnels?
  • (2:41) Lead Magnet and Email nurture sequence
  • (3:20) Webinar Funnels
  • (4:19) SLO Funnel (Self Liquidating Offer)
  • (7:08) Challenge Funnel
  • (7:50) Summit Funnel
  • (8:42) High Ticket Funnel


A Link to OUR Funnel Examples:

Freebie Opt-in Funnel Example:

Webinar Opt-in Funnel Example:

Application Funnel Example:

SLO Funnel Example:

Link to 30 Days Free trial of Clickfunnels:

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The 5 Essential Funnels We Use In Our Business: Episode 318

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