5 Surprising Visibility Hacks You’re Not Yet Doing (with Amanda Berlin): Episode 316

Amanda Berlin is a visibility and business consultant for entrepreneurs. She works with clients on holistic visibility to help them grow their business and impact based on tactics employed during her 12 years in the corporate PR world, guiding strategy for major brands. Amanda and her clients have been featured in all types of media — from Business Insider to Entrepreneur on Fire and WNYW Fox 5 to Bustle.com. She’s the host of The Empowered Publicity Podcast and loves arming soul-powered business owners with the ideas and skill-set they need to go from hidden industry gems to recognizable trusted experts.

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  • Amanda says a lot of changes in her career happened because she was put under pressure to figure it out.
  • Visibility Circles:
    • 1. Strategic partnerships–Inner most circle. Have you told everyone you know about it? Tell your closest circle, you never know who they know. These partners are the best way to gain trust and get in front of new clients. The trust transfer is when someone already trusts the person introducing them to you.
    • 2. Speaking an event–Middle of circle. This bridges the collaboration aspect with being seen and perceived as an expert in your space.
    • 3. Media–Outer most circle. Amanda says it’s the least likely to bring you new business, but it does validate you.
  • Amanda says that the number one way to find strategic partnerships is to figure out why other partners would want to talk to you. You’re an expert in your space, what do you have to offer their audience? Be very clear on this answer. Then reach out to these other entrepreneurs and ask how you can support them and their audience.
  • Who does something different than you before the same people? It’s much easier to align when you aren’t competing with someone.
  • Amanda says it really helps if you know, and like the persons work who you’re trying to connect with. Watch their content, get to know their audience, so then once you reach out to collaborate, you can be in the know of who they are and who their audience is.
  • Amanda says that another way to collaborate is to invite them IN to something, into a summit you’re doing, a podcast, a Facebook live, and this is immediately giving them an opportunity to get something of value from YOU before you ask them for anything.
  • Amanda says public relations is a piece of marketing. PR tactics look like you have been chosen by your expertise.
  • Create as many authentic relationships as you possibly can. This is a huge piece, Amanda says, to visibility. Be discerning of who you bring into your circle, so you can create relationships with the right people of who will help you and your business, but also to be in line with the growth of your business.


  • (1:23) A little more about Amanda Berlin.
  • (2:36) How Amanda went from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur.
  • (5:46) Things you can do right away to be seen heard and recognized for your genius.
  • (7:19) What is the Trust transfer?
  • (8:40) How to find strategic partnerships.
  • (10:30) Who should you reach out to for partnership?
  • (11:35) How to start connecting with these strategic partnerships.
  • (15:55) Public speaking is such an incredible way to gain visibility.
  • (19:15) Why Media is important, but not the most important part for getting new clients.
  • (21:10) PR = credibility.
  • (21:48) Other visibility hacks we might not be doing.
  • (24:37) How do you make sure you’re spending time with the right people?
  • (29:03) What does it mean to Amanda to make an impact?
  • (30:51) One of the best books Amanda’s read.
  • (34:04) Where to connect with Amanda.



“Create as many authentic relationships as you possibly can.”

“Public relations is a lot about perceptions.”

“You wanna add value in your relationships before you ask them for something.”

“Offer support before you ask for support.”

“There is pain that is optional.”



Connect with Amanda:


Visibility Sheet: Amandaberlin.com/visibility

Podcast: Empowered Publicity

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Fiction: State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
Non-Fiction: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach


Watch Full Episode:

5 Surprising Visibility Hacks You\'re Not Yet Doing (with Amanda Berlin): Episode 316

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