SECRETS of High Performers (with Angela Naumann): Episode 094

Angela Naumann is a boymom, bookie nerd, and amateur wine taster. After 20+ years of her own entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, she became a life coach for women that sometimes needed a “Yoda” in their life. She helps the female entrepreneur that is stressed out, not getting stuff done, wondering how to balance life while not be a moody witch. With a practical step by step plan, she guides you to renew your mind, build confidence, and balance life so that you can stop stressing and get stuff done, feel stronger, and more confident as you show the world you do have what it takes.

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  • Angela talks about how her mindset was holding her back. She sat at a table of people making way more money than her and she wondered why that wasn’t her. She hired a coach and he wanted to know if she really enjoyed what she was doing. She really started discovering she loved the coaching side of things. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves those tough questions in our business so we can become the entrepreneur we really want to be!
  • Our mindset is an onion: you have to keep peeling back the layers. You can choose what to believe, and what thoughts you allow yourself to have.
  • To manage your thoughts at a high level, you have to have a higher attitude: Confidence, empowerment, etc.
  • A bad mindset can manifest into all aspects of your business and your personal life. Angela talks about how she was afraid of these feelings of discomfort or overwhelm. She figured her business should have been easier than it was – but once she had that mindset shift everything changed.
  • Let’s talk taking time off. This is something Angela stresses. You NEED to be energized, focused, and recharged enough to actually be able to practice success habits.  
  • Clutter: You have to address it before you’re in the mindset to do business. That mess in your house, fix it first. Your phone, put it away. You will never be able to focus when you sit in those clutters.
  • When you’re feeling stuck, here are Angela’s 4 key tips:
    • Get rid of the clutter around you
    • Get really clear on what it is you want, and why you want it
    • Set really specific goals (big goals, and broken down goals)
    • Move yourself from passive action to massive actions
  • Angela says you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. She says the way we build confidence starts with courage. We have to be able to step outside of what is comfortable to be able to do things. Angela says you need to STEP OUT on courage. The more you do these things, the more you become capable and build these skill sets.
  • Qualities of high performers Angela has seen:
    • They manage their time
    • They manage their thoughts
    • They get ISH done
    • They prioritize their energy
  • Visualize what you want. Not just the end game. Visualize all those aspects of your business and your dream. Visualize every action that it takes to be successful. And ENJOY IT!!


  • (1:31) A little more about Angela.
  • (3:06) How Angela got her start in helping female entrepreneurs become high performers.
  • (6:50) Our mindset is an onion.
  • (7:29) What is a high performance mindset?
  • (8:24) What changes are you going to see when you shift to a high performance mindset?
  • (11:30) Habits for a healthy mind, and why you NEED to take time off of work sometimes.
  • (13:44) If you’re feeling stuck in your mindset, what can you do to get out of that?
  • (15:02) What is the clutter around you? Messy house, phone, etc.
  • (20:01) MASSIVE action instead of passive action.
  • (24:49) Building a business is NOT COMFORTABLE. It shouldn’t be.
  • (27:51) Angela’s examples of the qualities of high performers.
  • (30:45) The power of outsourcing and sticking to the things only YOU can do.
  • (32:22) Angela’s personal mindset challenges and how she got through them.
  • (37:04) One habit we should incorporate into our daily lives to become unstoppable?
  • (39:30) The POWER of visualization.
  • (41:35) Angela’s favorite book: The Dream Giver.
  • (43:03) What does it mean to Angela to make an impact?
  • (44:21) What’s next for Angela?
  • (45:55) Where can you connect with Angela?


“If they can do it, I can do it too”

“Our minds are manageable…we can choose what we believe”

“Later never happens”

“We have to prioritize days we don’t pick up the phone”

“We have to be able to lead ourselves before we can actually lead other people”

“Failing is not failure. It is a learning experience.”

“If you don’t have a top earner mindset, you’re not going to become a top earner.”

“If you want to go to that next level, you have to grow”

“You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable”

“The more value you give out to the world, the more value comes back to you”


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SECRETS of High Performers (with Angela Naumann): Episode 094

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