Scaling to 6 Figures as an Online Service Provider (with Brandi Mowles): Episode 095

As a social media VA turned Facebook ads and sales funnel strategist, Brandi Mowles has grown her income from $0 to 6-figures in just 11 months. In addition to running the service-based portion of her business, Brandi also helps other service-based businesses scale to 5-figure months so they can enjoy the same financial and life freedom that she has. When she isn't creating a killer Facebook ad or teaching other service-based businesses how to scale, you can find Brandi hanging out with her husband and 14-month old daughter.

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  • Brandi said that she was able to productize her business, and she realized early on who she wants to help. This has helped her scale her business quickly! She also is intentional with her time- using all her free time for marketing and working with clients.
  • Brandi says that she was able to get clients through people’s Facebook groups by looking when people posted and then sending them customized messages and emails catered to that specific person in order to attract them as a client. She added value to them and made herself stand out.
  • Cost per leads, Brandi says, completely differs depending on your niche. She says you can’t really know until after the first month what your leads will cost. Don’t stress out, whatever that cost is. 
  • Brandi talks about how the most time consuming thing is getting your campaign up. She says that you have to be intentional with your time, and when you sit down, try to knock out the thing that will take the longest first. Don’t sit and stress about graphics or your website, do the thing that you NEED to get done that is going to take the most time FIRST!
  • Ask your Facebook ads person if they have Case Studies before you hire them. That is Brandi’s biggest piece of advice. She says that you can’t judge someone based on how long they’ve been doing it, base it solely on results. Someone who has been doing it for 1 year could have way better results than someone who has done it for years. She also says they have to be a good fit to work with you. Trust your gut, and those Case Studies!


  • (1:27) A little more about Brandi, what she does, and how she got started.
  • (2:24) How she has scaled her business so quickly…just ONE YEAR!
  • (4:22) POWER POCKETS: how to get a lot done in a little amount of time.
  • (5:01) How many clients does Brandi have at one time? 
  • (6:15) How does Brandi systematize her business?
  • (7:44) How did Brandi start, and how did she get her first couple clients?
  • (10:30) Making the switch from VA to Facebook Ads.
  • (12:22) Brandi’s cost per lead.
  • (15:16) What is the MAIN THING Brandi does to get her work done?
  • (16:50) What are some tips before hiring someone to do facebook ads? 
  • (20:02) What should you be paying for your Facebook Ads manager?
  • (21:50) What does it mean to Brandi to make an impact?
  • (22:36) The best book Brandi’s ever read
  • (22:55) What is next for Brandi?
  • (23:22) Brandi’s program, Serve Sail Soar
  • (24:.17) Connect with Brandi!


“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time”

“Just show up and help people”

“We’re told so often that we have to choose family or business, and I don’t think that’s true”

“I’m a firm believer that I can have it all”


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Scaling to 6 Figures as an Online Service Provider (with Brandi Mowles): Episode 095

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