Protecting Your Business (with Lawyer Kailey Jacomet): Episode 093

Today I brought in an EXPERT at keeping businesses secure. She knows the ins and outs of trademarking, copywriting, etc. I brought in Kailey Jacomet, who teaches us how to protect our brands. Take some notes, and enjoy!

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  • Kailey talks about her first 100 ideas for coming up with a job didn’t pan out. Some of them didn’t even have to do with the law. But it was through those mis-steps that she got to where she is today. It’s not always the first idea we have that will lead us to success. But the path of how we get there brings us on a journey for a reason.
  • Trademarks are protected for not only for matches, but like matches that could confuse the consumer. Kailey says that before you brand and promote yourself, you have to check that your brand doesn’t infringe on other trademarks- because then all that time and money will go to waste.
  • Kailey says that sometimes business owners overlook trademarking, when it’s actually a really important step. Entrepreneurs should start thinking of intellectual property as adding value to your business. Your intellectual property can be licensed.
  • Kailey talks about using photos for personal vs. commercial use. She sees people making this mistake for intellectual property rights often. You can not use an image that someone else owns unless they gave you a limited license, or if they gave you written consent.
  • Contracts are a must. To be unclear is to be unkind. Kailey talks about how important it is to be upfront with every client as to what is expected, and what needs to be done in what time frame. Writing a contract becomes a reference when things stray off the agreement.
  • Terms of use on a website is so important. It is how you set age restrictions, 13 and under, that protects yourself from trouble. Privacy policies are also so important!
  • Kailey says that to her, making an impact means doing the inner work of making people leave interacting with you more hopeful, and excited for life. She also says that taking calculated risks is so key. Take risks and be bold!


  • (1:29) A little more about Kailey, Brand Law Boutique, and Contract-ista!
  • (5:47) Trademarks- what do we have to do to protect our brands
  • (11:23) Can you hire someone to do your trademarking? Or can you do it on your own?
  • (12:42) How much filing a trademark this cost?
  • (13:50) Why Legal Zoom is not a good idea?
  • (15:27) How to know what to trademark? Name, business, goods?
  • (18:25) Cease and desist.
  • (19:04) Trademarking different products.
  • (22:01) Biggest mistakes Kailey sees people making in trademarking and copywriting.
  • (25:48) Why you need an agreement when using a ghostwriter or freelancer to make an ebook. What that means for your sales if you don’t have a signed agreement.
  • (26:43) When someone steals your work, or photos.
  • (28:50) Contracts- what you should have in a contract, and why they are so important.
  • (30:45) Clauses you MUST have in your contracts.
  • (31:56) What do you need on your website? Terms of Use.
  • (35:30) The best book Kailey has ever read.
  • (38:52) What does it mean to Kailey to make an impact?
  • (40:29) What’s next for Kailey?
  • (42:40 Where to connect with Kailey Jacomet.


“Entrepreneurs should start thinking of intellectual property as adding value to your business.”“To be unclear is to be unkind.”“Success comes from having an actual good idea that you actually implement well.”


Connect with Kailey:  Contract-ista!!

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Protecting Your Business (with Lawyer Kailey Jacomet): Episode 093

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