Podcast Pitching with Confidence (with Angie Trueblood): Episode 211

As a podcast visibility expert and host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, Angie Trueblood knows that the only 'perfect pitch' is the one that leads with value and focuses on building a genuine connection. Whether she is teaching entrepreneurs how to pitch themselves or working behind the scenes to secure opportunities for others, Angie leverages her super-connector powers to grow businesses and build long-lasting relationships. When she's not working with her clients or being active in her local community, she loves exploring Richmond, Virginia's parks and playgrounds with her two kiddos, checking out new restaurants with her hubs, and laughing about motherhood over cocktails with friends.

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  • Angie says she loves the idea of putting two people together to form a relationship. When you get the experience to interact one on one it really can connect people
  • Podcasts are the content medium people are leaning towards. Angie says it creates an authority space and is a great networking tool to connect with guests and bring other people to your audience.
  • Angie says that you want to go into being a guest on other podcasts with the idea of serving. Go into it asking how you can serve that whole new audience, instead of just selling yourself to them.
  • People are adding something to their business plate to where they want to get to new people. Once you realize what yours is, pitch to people with a similar interest to yours.
  • Have your pitch start with how you could connect!
  • Understand the podcasts you’re trying to pitch to and tweak what you have to offer to their clientele!
  • Convey your angle and what it is you have to offer in your pitch email and put a unique spin on it.
  • Make the email personal. Don’t just say you heard an episode, or you love the show, you have to dive into why YOU would fit with the audience and address who that audience is. That is where you can get personal and show that you know the ideal client all in one.
  • Angie says that when you’re reaching out to someone with a pitch, clarity wins at the end of the day. She suggests “Podcast Guest, the name, and then what you’re wanting to talk about on the show
    • Example: Podcast Guest- Angie Trueblood on Why Service Providers Should Be Pitching Themselves To Podcasts
  • To be prepared for the podcast, listen to an episode of who will be hosting you and read their description, get a feel for who they are as a host to better serve.
  • You want to have a freebie also lined up for the audience you’re speaking to.
  • A key to being a good guest is telling stories. Angie says give some meat to your answers instead of just doing a how-to. Give the full picture of who you are and how you got here. You have a story! Share it!



  • (1:50) How Angie Trueblood got started in this business.
  • (3:06) Why Angie started pitching to podcasts.
  • (4:04) Why should you have a podcast and why should you guest on other podcasts?
  • (5:35) Where to find the right podcasts to pitch to.
  • (7:16) How to write a great pitch.
  • (9:35) What’s wrong with your current pitch.
  • (10:30) A good subject line for a pitch.
  • (12:16) Tips for how long the email should be and what it should include.
  • (15:07) Should you follow up if you don’t get a reply.
  • (17:23) How to keep up a relationship with someone after an interview.
  • (19:10) What to have prepared for the interview.
  • (21:51) What are some mistakes people tend to make on interviews.
  • (25:36) Taking a break from your phone on the weekend.
  • (27:19) What does it mean to Angie to make an impact.
  • (27:56) Where to connect with Angie Trueblood.


“How is that expertise valuable to the people that you’re going to be speaking to?”

“It’s up to us to do the legwork.”

“Really consider and own that you are an expert if you’re a do-er.”

“What you’re doing every day, you are an expert at!”


Connect with Angie Trueblood:

Instagram: @angie_trueblood

Roadmap to Podcast Pitching Success Freebie: angietrueblood.com/impact

Podcast: Go Pitch Yourself

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Superfans by Pat Flynn

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Ian Hildenbrant (author)

Watch Full Episode:

Podcast Pitching with Confidence (with Angie Trueblood): Episode 211

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