Productivity Secrets-I’m Answering Your Questions: Episode 217

On this episode I’m answering YOUR Questions. So many of the questions I received are about productivity, so I’ll be sharing some of my top productivity secrets, and how to make the most of your time so you’re not working around the clock.

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•Make sure that you are creating content that is evergreen and not just going to disappear after 24 hours.

•Don’t try to do everything and spread yourself thin, but do one thing really well. Unless you have a team behind you it is almost impossible to do well on every social media platform. Focus on one and do really well with it.

•It is hard for one person to do everything, so ask yourself “what is the greatest return on my time investment,” and then make a list of what you can get rid of, what can you outsource, and what needs to stay.

•The later on in the day the, the less will power we have. Do the really important tasks you need to get done early in the day to ensure they are done while you have a high level of motivation.

•Batch and plan ahead your content, I’m never posting something and coming up with a caption in the minute, always have your posts ready weeks or even months in advance.

•I started outsourcing before I was making a lot of money and it helps you free up so much of your time and mental energy to focus on other things.

•I will ask my son “do you think we are spending enough time together?” And most of the time he asks to do something with me I will say yes and drop everything. (He isn’t going to be at this age where he wants to hang out with me forever)

•Having a partner like my husband really helps when I am trying to do things like get in a workout or get a facial.

•Schedule time when you are not working as well, the calendar is just as importing for scheduling family time as it is for scheduling work.

•During the time you set aside to be working, get rid of as many distractions as you can. Close out of all internet browsers such as Facebook. Turn off notifications on your phone on any apps that will be taking your attention away from working.

•Whenever you find there is something you are doing over and over, create a system for it so that anyone on your team can do it and free up some of your time that you can better spend somewhere else.

•Having a rock star team, systems, batching content, and staying in your zone of genius, can allow you to work less and at the same time grow your business and make more money.



•(1:00) Where should I be spending the most time? Short answer: Creating Content

•(2:24) Don’t try and do everything just okay, do one thing really well.

•(4:02) Figuring out which tasks are really necessary and which tasks are just wasting your time.

•(5:05) Do what really needs to get done early in the day when you have the will power.

•(5:48) Best strategies for staying consistent while posting pins, podcasts, etc.

•(7:46) Managing time with a side hustle and a part time job at the same time.

•(8:45) Outsourcing some of your tasks before you are making a lot of money.

•(10:11) Figuring out how to time block and utilize google calendar when life starts to get crazy.

•(13:03) Spending quality time with your kids and balancing that with running your business.

•(15:00) How to get work done with little kids at home without neglecting self care.

•(17:11) How to run a business and balance time with family as well.

•(19:10) Turning off notifications on your phone and closing internet browsers so that you don’t see them.

•(20:40) Figure out what things you are doing over and over again and create a system for it.

•(21:48) How to make more money and work less and less.



“I’m never uploading content in the minute.”

“If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not going to happen.”

“I hired a wealth manager before we had any wealth to manage.”

“It’s never going to be perfect but just do your best.”

“If your course is perfect when you launch it, you waited too long to watch it.”



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Productivity Secrets-I\'m Answering Your Questions: Episode 217

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