How to Build a Wildly Successful Community AND Be a Great Mom (with Ashley Meyer): Episode 091

Ashley Meyer, ESQ. was born with a fire in her spirit that shows up in everything she does (including her curly red hair!). Ashley was born to be a lawyer. She spent years building her legal career, and when it came time to have children she was eager to find a community of moms she could relate to. But what she found didn’t quite work for her. She felt out of place when her worlds of work and life couldn’t coexist. Desperately searching for a space to be fully “her,” she came up empty-handed. So, she created Mommies Hiring Mommies, a community all about, and for, moms doing it all! And also has MOMpire and the MOMpire Podcast where she shares the inspiration and tools moms need to build sustainable businesses to support the life they love. Supporting families through her legal practice is something Ashley is deeply passionate about. With growth exploding daily, the MHM community empowers moms everyday, both in business and in life.

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  • Ashley shares that the start of her creating her own Facebook group was actually getting kicked out of a mom Facebook group. She learned so much about what she needed out of a group, and didn’t think the group allowed to be every version of herself anyway. That stressful situation sparked a fire in her to create a group where mom entrepreneurs could have a space where they could do business and get honest, real support. Sometime those setbacks lead us to our next big thing.
  • Ashley talks about a sense of community. When she was building her networking groups, she said moms would come to her from their towns asking for these groups. I think when you have something to offer a mass community of people, it will show. When you are attracting your clients, you know you’re doing something right. Everyone wants to connect, and get help, and Ashley has helped set up mom entrepreneurs up for success.
  • People crave the personal connection. This is so true, and the reason Ashley’s networking meetups are so important to her business. The online space gets entrepreneurs very far, but there is still that need for physical help sometimes.
  • Ashley talks about how she gives 100% to all aspects of her life. She doesn’t balance these different areas, she gives 100%. Her advice is to show up wherever you are. If you see an area lacking, revisit your schedule and see where you can make more room to fill that void so that area feels 100% again.
  • The most successful people Ashley sees are the ones who are MASSIVELY consistent. She says that this consistency comes from routines and systems that ends up leading to conversions.
  • Break your journey into little wins, a “Series of Stations”. If you’re only celebrating huuuuge successes, you’re going to find yourself waiting to celebrate. Celebrate tiny little successes so that every week, or every day has a victory. Enjoy the journey.


  • (0:02:18) A little more about Ashley Meyer.
  • (0:03:35) How getting kicked out of a Facebook group led Ashley to creating her own KILLER group.
  • (0:07:48) Networking groups Ashley has built. How did she do it, and how she made them grow efficiently throughout the country.
  • (0:12:46) Why Ashley’s business has grown so quickly?
  • (0:15:47) Ashley’s business model.
  • (0:18:15) What’s next in Ashley’s business.
  • (0:20:40) Why Ashley doesn’t believe in balance.
  • (0:27:01) How you can give 100% to being a mom as an entrepreneur.
  • (0:28:35) Mistakes Ashley sees mom-entrepreneurs making.
  • (0:36:35) Your life is a series of stations.
  • (0:38:29) What it means to Ashley to make an impact.
  • (0:40:58) Where to connect with Ashley!


“Really touching people and serving people is what can grow a business”

“If you don’t focus on the basics of relationships and connection, then you’re not going to succeed long term.”

“Nothing will ever replace a physical hug”

“Consistency is everything no matter what you’re doing”

“Focus on service, and the money is the byproduct”

“You’ll never reach the goal if you don’t enjoy the journey”



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How to Build a Wildly Successful Community AND Be a Great Mom (with Ashley Meyer): Episode 091

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