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Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship (with Tara Counterman): Episode 092


  • Tara talks about how when she had kids, she put herself on a shelf. She totally lost sight of what it meant to be fulfilled, and that led her to what she wanted to do, and who she wanted to help. She wanted to help moms in her position to realize their dreams were worth fulfilling.
  • Stepping outside of the box. Tara says sometimes what you need is permission to step outside of the box. A lot of times as entrepreneurs, guilt sometimes follows, especially with being a mama. But by being a part of the Impact Blogging Academy, Tara talked about how she was given permission to be the entrepreneur she wanted to be, which gave her the confidence to show up as herself.
  • Mindset is one topic Tara sees so many mompreneurs struggling with. Sometimes in today’s society, moms are told they have to serve everyone else and not give themselves time and energy too. Tara explains that this limiting belief is a direct link from not giving ourselves that self care.
  • Take an inventory of what your priorities are. Tara shares that you need to step away sometimes. Don’t spend all day in your office with constant disruptions. Sometimes you need to give yourself some grace. Realize what your productive hours are, ask for help, and outsource. Surround yourself with a team of people who can help you grow.
  • If you have your phone next to you, you won’t get stuff done. Tara says that doesn’t serve her business or her family. You have to set up boundaries for yourself to put it down and put it away. The time that is unplugged, you will find with be your most productive and creative hours by far.
  • You have to invest in yourself. Tara talks about the fact that she used to buy supplies, and not think about a serious big investment. However, when she hired a coach, someone to hold her accountable, she was finally about to use that investment as her launching point for a successful business.


  • (0:02:25) A little more about Tara.
  • (0:04:44) Tara’s turning point to realizing she was putting herself on the back burner.
  • (0:07:15) Giving yourself permission!
  • (0:10:03) Niching down…why the process is so necessary for becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • (0:10:52) Some of the biggest struggles Tara sees mompreneurs making.
  • (0:12:40) Ways moms can overcome limiting belief.
  • (0:14:20) Tips to show up like a rockstar mom.
  • (0:14:35) Tara’s favorite podcasts.
  • (0:15:34) Tara’s tips on how to get stuff done with kids in the house.
  • (0:18:20) The power of toy rotation!
  • (0:20:50) Setting boundaries with your phone.
  • (0:22:30) Other boundaries Tara has that have helped her business and your family.
  • (0:23:20) Does Tara believe in balance?
  • (0:26:01) Actionable tips Tara has for moms young kids.
  • (0:28:03) The best investment Tara has made for her business.
  • (28:55) The best book Tara’s ever read.
  • (0:29:37) What does it mean to Tara to make an impact?
    (0:30:04) What’s next for Tara?
  • (0:31:41) Where you can connect with Tara.


“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for network marketing.”

“Just do something to fuel yourself.”

“Just wash your face.”

“The hustle is so over promoted. You can do things in alignment.”

“Everything is going to happen in seasons.”


Tara’s Social Medias

Tara’s Freebie!

Books Talked About in the Episode

Podcasts Talked About in the Episode

  • Limitless Mamas (Tara Counterman)
  • She’s Making An Impact Podcast (Rachel Ngom)
  • Goal Diggers (Jenna Kutcher)
  • The Rise Podcast (Rachel Hollis)

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Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship (with Tara Counterman): Episode 092

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