Attracting Clients ONLINE (Even If You’re Brand New): Episode 141

Today I'm sharing my tips on how you can attract your ideal client to you, even if you're just starting out!

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Hey, Hey, welcome back to another episode of the she’s making it impact podcast. I’m your host Rachel and go and we’re talking about client attraction today. So if you want to know the secret to attracting clients, this is the episode for you. I’ve got five in at tips to help you get started at being a client attraction rock star. First thing though, have you attended my free Pinterest class? This is where I’m teaching you how to get new leads and sales automated for free using Pinterest. So literally just go to get your booty registered and let’s dive in. Welcome to the, she’s making an impact podcast. I’m your host Rachel Ngom. I’m an entrepreneur, mom, adventure lover and creator of pin with purpose, the impact of blogging Academy and activate. I went from food stamps and negative $400 in my checking account to a multiple six figure online business. 


This is your show to learn from me and other rockstar entrepreneurs, how to monetize your passion and live out your purpose. If you’re ready to increase your income while making a massive impact on the world, this is the show for you. I’m so pumped. You’re here. Let’s get started. 


Tip 1: Know exactly who it is that you’re targeting

Tip one to attracting clients online is you got to know exactly who it is that you’re targeting. Who is your ideal client? Who are you speaking to and what do they need from you? And so you really got to get inside of their head and think about that one person, if you need help with this, we did a podcast episode a few weeks back of Brian Dickson, all about mastering your niche and all that good stuff, but you really need to get into their head and know like that one person who has that one person that you are serving. 

And so speak to that one person. Don’t speak as if you’re speaking to thousands of people because that doesn’t work. So in your copy and when you’re doing videos and anything that you’re doing, you use the word you a lot, not you guys or y’all or whatever is, if you’re on the South, whatever it is that you’re saying. But no, you want to be like, just speak like you’re speaking to your best friend and be yourself. That’s huge. And ask yourself what do they need from you right now and how can you really serve them and then know where are they hanging out. So wherever they’re hanging out, that’s where you want to be, right? And so getting super, super clear on your messaging is so key and just being yourself. Okay. 


Tip 2: Go where your ideal clients are hanging out


Second thing you want to make sure that you’re doing is go where they are and see what kind of questions are they asking. 

So maybe they’re in a specific Facebook group that you could join. What is the conversations going on in there? Like what kinds of things are people asking? And then how could you go in there and add value to those people that are asking those questions? And so the goal of this is not to go into random groups and start spamming people cause that doesn’t work in. That’s annoying. The goal is to see what people need help with. Mark that down for market research. If people are asking about this, that might be a good Facebook live topic, that might be a good blog post topic and then just answer and how so just literally think how can you be the person that’s solving that problem for them and answer the questions for them and be of service. So in one of Gary Bainer Chuck’s books, I wish I could tell you which one I remember I read this years ago, so it was probably like crush it back in the day day.

Probably so. And so he said he, cause I mean he’s human. He started from scratch. He didn’t start with a million followers. What he did when he was in his wine library business was he just went on Twitter and he searched wine and he saw what questions people are asking about wine. And all he did for hours a day was just go and respond to those people. And if someone was asking, Hey, I’m going to be having like chicken bulgur nays for dinner or whatever, I don’t know, like some kind of dish, what wine would go best with that? He would go and respond and tell them, Oh Hey, this is like my favorite one that I would have with that specific dish. And that was a, it wouldn’t be a sales pitch and leading people to his store where he was selling wine, it was really, Hey, I’m just going to go and serve people.

And so pick a platform where you really want to be that GoTo expert and you really want to serve people. And yes, this takes extra work. This does. But when you do this, you’re gonna really start attracting people to you and your business. You can either have time to spend building your business or if you have money that you can invest in advertising, you gotta pick which one you’re gonna use. If you can do both, that’s fricking awesome. But in the beginning, a lot of times, I know I didn’t have the money to invest in ads and so I was in Facebook groups and I was creating blog content. I was served, like I’m still doing that. I’m not as active in Facebook groups as I was when I first started, but I really want you to think where are your people? How could you help them find where they’re at? Asking questions and just answer them be of service.



Tip 3: Find similar, non competing people to work with


All right, tip three, find people that are in your audience that have a similar but not competing audience. So find people that maybe have a podcast or have a Facebook page or a Facebook group. They have a similar but noncompeting audience and interview them and see if they’ll interview you in front of their people. And so what happens when you do this as you really start to become seen as an expert. And so I started doing this when I first started my business. This was before we had a podcast. I had no clue what to ask. And I was Googling like interview questions and how to be a good interviewer and all these things. Um, but I just found people that I’m like, they have my ideal clients and their audience, their audiences for the most part were not huge.

I wasn’t going after like Marie Forleo or Chalene Johnson or anything like that when I was first starting. But do they have maybe a couple hundred or a thousand people or even a couple thousand people in their audience? And could I ask them to be on my show? And so is my Facebook live show? Could I interview them on my Facebook live show? And then could I ask them to be on their podcast or get in front of their audience or whatever that might be. And so when you do this, this is how you can start to grow organically for free by just using the leverage of getting in front of other people’s audiences. And this is huge. So I did this with Facebook live, obviously with podcasts all the time. Now you’ve got all this. Also do this with Instagram. And so see if you could do like an Instagram story takeover or something like that to really, um, start to attract people to you. Okay? So that’s huge, huge tip. We do that all the time. My students do that all the time, especially when they’re hosting webinars or five day challenges. It’s how could you get in front of other people’s audiences. Huge. 



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Tip 4: Create weekly content that is ADDING VALUE


Okay. Step four, create weekly content that is adding value to your ideal client with a specific call to action to take that next step. And so figure out where you want your pillar content to be. By pillar content, I mean the place you’re going to show up every freaking week. And this is for me, when I first started, this was our blog. So I’m creating blog content every single week. That’s adding value to my ideal client. And I have very specific call to actions to get people on my email list. We do this now with our podcast. Um, we do this with our Facebook lives now. So I mean we’re in a lot of different places, but when I first started, like it’s hard to be everywhere when you’re a solo-prenuer and we have a team now, so we got support.


Tip 5: Be Consistent

But when you’re first starting pick where you want to create content on a consistent basis. So that’s step five is be consistent. And so create weekly content that’s adding value to your ideal client. And don’t try to hold stuff back and be like, I have secrets that I’m not gonna share with you. I have always been an open book and I always share pretty much everything. And a lot of times people ask me like, why would people pay for a course if they can find the content for free? And a lot of times they might be able to find some of the content that’s in a course on my blog, but it’s never in the right order. And people pay to have things like just give it, give it all to me. Now I want to get results now I don’t want to have to dig through a blog post and find all these random things and try to piece them together.

Some of it might be outdated, you know? So people really do like to have everything all in one. I know if there’s something that I want to learn, I would pay to have access. Typically now it’s from that person instead of a course, but get give good stuff away, like add value. I’ve had people come to my blog, go through my content and be like, dang, she adds so much value. What else can I learn from her? How can I work with her? And you want people to have that feeling when they listen to your content or read your content wherever it is that you want to do your content. If you suck at writing and do a podcast and you can transcribe it and put it on a blog, maybe is your thing. So do video. I don’t care what it is, as long as you’re doing some kind of weekly content that’s adding value to your ideal client, that has a very specific call to action for the next step, which is most likely going to be to get on your email list and then stay consistent.

Okay. So one of the biggest things that I see people do is they do this for a little bit and they might buy a little bit, I mean a couple of weeks, a couple months, and they’re wondering why isn’t this working? And I want you to understand like you have to be in this for the long game. Rome was not built in a day. You can’t expect to put out content for a couple months and just all of a sudden people start flooding to you. Now. Yes, there are certain hacks like getting in front of other people’s audiences that’ll help you get there faster, especially if you really want to speed things up like advertising. Yes, that helps for sure, but be in this for the long haul. Create content on a weekly basis and don’t stop when you’re frustrated that it’s still your mom only reading your blog. Everyone has that certain tipping point where more people come and then more people come and then more people come.

Even if you only have one person that’s on your Facebook live, show up for that one person. Add value to that one person, that one person could become your biggest advocate and bring you more people. So don’t get hung up on the numbers, don’t they go, I only have one person or two people that are actually watching or listening. That’s one or two people whose lives you truly get to impact and they could become your super fans, your biggest advocate. So fricking show up for them. Add massive value to them and just trust the process that when you keep doing this and you keep doing this and you keep showing up, people are watching. They might not be commenting, they might not be liking, but they’re watching. And so one of my clients signed up with me. She said, I saw when you started this business, Rachel, and I saw you were posting and it was crickets.

I saw you posted it in your Facebook group and no one was commenting, SRO or you started, I saw that you stuck with it and I see where you are now and I know that it works and that’s why I want to work with you. And so don’t be the person who shows up when they feel like it, who does a little bit and then stops because it’s hard and no one’s there. Keep fricking going. Okay, so let’s wake up one, know who it is that you’re targeting, who you’re speaking to, who your ideal client is, where they’re hanging out. Go where they are. See what kind of questions that they’re asking. How can you be the person to solve their problem for them? Find people that have similar but noncompeting audiences. Interview them. See if you can get in front of their audience and have them interview you.

Create weekly content that’s adding value to your ideal client with a specific call to action and stay consistent. Okay, so I want to hear from you, which of these tips are you going to implement? You can take a screenshot of this episode and just tag me on Instagram at she’s making an impact and let me know what your biggest takeaway was. What’s the change that you’re going to make? Something that you’re gonna really take action on. And then if you haven’t gone to iTunes yet and left, or a view of the show, I would be so grateful. Those are kind of like love letters to me and I read every single one that’s helping us reach more people. So if you haven’t left, left a review of the show yet, please go do that. And we’ll see you in the next episode.


Attracting Clients ONLINE (Even If You're Brand New): Episode 141 - If you want to know the secret to attracting clients, this is the episode for you. I’ve got five tips to help you get started at attracting your ideal client! Grab my free cheat sheet that will give you 10 smart strategies to help you generate more leads and sales on autopilot with Pinterest!

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