Fighting Human Trafficking with Fashion (with Shabranae Patton): Episode 139

Shabranae Patton is a mother of 4, middle school teacher and modern day freedom fighter.  She created Anchor'd Inc through a passion to end the injustices of human trafficking all around the world.  Her business is all about purpose. In fact their tag line is Fashion.Purpose.Freedom with a hope to put a huge dent in the criminal organization that is human trafficking. As a victim and survivor, this cause means so much to her. She knows what it’s like to feel helpless and forgotten and wants every woman and child to know that she hasn't forgotten you, she will fight for you.

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  • Shabranae says that the goal of her business is to help support the women and children in housing, education, etc. through donating 25% of all her businesses earnings to the foundations. She also sends out care packages–clothing, shoes, razors, toiletries, etc.
  • Shabranae states that people often think human trafficking is only over sieze–and this is such a key takeaway. This is unfortunately happening every day in our backyards. We need to speak up if we see anything that looks suspicious, and really be cautious and alert–knowing how close this is happening.
  • Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888
  • You can’t have the bystander effect when you see red flags. It’s better to be safe and say something–it’s more detrimental to be a bystander than to not say anything when it ultimately could save a life.
  • Do what you would want to do even if no one paid you to do it!
  • Shabranae says that the best piece of advice she has received is to not quit. Keep going forward, even in those moments where it gets hard to persevere–you can do it–those moments of weakness are a part of the journey.


  • (1:58) A little more about Shabranae.
  • (3:12) How she got started with her business and making the forefront of business about helping human trafficking.
  • (5:27) How Shabranae and her business are able to help support women and children.
  • (8:02) What you should know about human trafficking that no one talks about.
  • (9:59) Things to look out for.
  • (15:01) How Shabranae got started with her fashion boutique.
  • (17:15) How does Shabranae spread her message–her marketing strategy.
  • (19:18) Shabranae’s plan to grow and scale her business. 
  • (22:10) The power of interns–how you can help your business through hiring an intern.
  • (24:44) Advice for incorporating giving back as part of your business structure.
  • (26:26) Shabranae’s biggest struggle she’s faced in having her own business.
  • (29:51) The best piece of advice Shabranae has received: don’t quit.
  • (32:44) What inspired her to go on Elevator Pitch?
  • (35:19) The best book Shabranae has ever read.
  • (37:39) What does it mean to her to make an impact?
  • (39:35) Where can you connect with Shabranae?


“This is not something so far away that it doesn’t touch your everyday life–it absolutely does.”

“Fashion, Purpose, Freedom.”

“I wanted to make sure the integrity of my business was in tact.”

“Do what you would want to do even if no one paid you to do it.”

“Let your heart go free, let your mind go free, and be the person you were meant to be in the first place.”


Human Trafficking Hotline:


Connect with Shabranae: 


Instagram: @anchordinc

Books Recommended in the Episode:

So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore

Watch Full Episode:

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