Mastering Your Mindset (with Barbara Majeski): Episode 241

On this episode, I have special guest Barbara Majeski, Curator of the Good Life, sharing and exploring what it really means to live with purpose, style and adventure! Barbara Majeski is a mom, on-air television personality, a cancer survivor and a passionate philanthropy advocate. In 2015 she was recognized with a global humanitarian award from Operation Smile after mobilizing hundreds of people to fundraise. Six months later she was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and would captain this treacherous voyage with her three young children in tow. After a year long battle she emerged with an infused sense of purpose and zest for life. Today she is launching a global lifestyle initiative as the, "Curator of the Good Life," a three dimensional endeavor dedicated to inspiring people to live with purpose, style and adventure. We're talking all things mindset on this episode, enjoy!

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  • Barbara talks about how her “second act” was her going after the things she always wanted to do as a teenager and young adult. She lacked the confidence early on in her life and said that she never felt it was for people like her. She said that anything that you’re willing to put your mind to, you can have access to. So she did the work, humbled herself and instead of just listening to those philosophies, she acted on them.
  • Once Barbara was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, she started to question all of those self deprecating thoughts about herself. Once she overcame that, she started to ask herself what she truly wanted to be and instead of telling herself she couldn’t do something, she changed her entire belief system to “why not”–truly believing she could do anything.
  • Some limiting beliefs Barbara had were–I’m not worthy; that could never be me; I’m not good enough; I’m not pretty enough.
  • These beliefs that we tell ourselves are so common. The human condition is to have low self esteem. It aligns us–and connects us all.
  • Barbara said that what transformed her is changing her whole mindset–“So what if I make an ass out of myself on TV? I’m not going to die!” Such an amazing analogy. We believe sometimes that the fear of failure is way bigger than it actually is! Barbara said that getting through cancer made her ask herself what else she could survive–she could survive embarrassment, or messing up on tv, survive adventure and all of these things. There was no greater risk than NOT living.
  • 4th Quarter Grit: You can’t find motivation. This is when DISCIPLINE needs to take over.
  • Barbara talks about what gives her grit is the want to finish strong. She wants to finish what she started.
  • Sometimes you actually need a break. You have to give yourself grace and take breaks–Barbara says we can’t be in the 5th gear all the time. When you peel back the highlight reel you’ll find that not everyone is in that high gear at all times. Barbara’s advice is to “Gear down, but don’t shut off the engine.”
  • FAIL: First Attempt In Learning
  • Barbara says that there really are no failures. Sometimes we might label something as a failure, but really it’s just a stepping stone to learning.
  • One key mistake entrepreneurs make is that they think people are criticizing them more than they are. We tend to be so scared of embarrassment that we freak out over every little mistake, when really no one will ever notice! Don’t be hyper focused on everything you do–chances are no one will even notice.


  • (1:39) A little more about Barbara.
  • (2:59) What it means to reinvent yourself.
  • (4:20) How Barbara’s Stage 3 Cancer diagnosis changed her belief system.
  • (9:05) Everyone has these limiting beliefs.
  • (9:24) If you don’t truly live your life, you will regret it.
  • (10:10) How Barbara finds the grit and determination to live out her purpose.
  • (13:40) Barbaras advice on finishing what you started.
  • (16:28) Don’t compare your life to other people’s highlight reel.
  • (17:52) Some of Barbara’s failures and how those times have helped her succeed.
  • (20:30) There’s a difference between failure and embarrassment.
  • (21:52) One of the best books Barbara’s ever read.
  • (22:46) How love is such a powerful part of success.
  • (24:38) What does it mean to Barbara to make an impact?
  • (26:48) Where you can connect with Barbara?


“Age gives you a little bit more access to the truths of life.”

“Anything that you’re willing to put your mind to, you can have access to.”

“You’re so afraid of cancer and then you get it…but then you get through it and you’re like well what else can I survive?”

“Motivation and inspiration are fleeting.”

“Grit is the marathon–grit is a choice and you gotta decide if you’ve got it or you don’t have it.”

“We have to recognize that sometimes we have to gear down.”

“Gear down, but don’t shut off the engine.”

“Do not compare your back of the house to other people’s highlight reels.”

“It’s not about how fast you go, it’s that you’re moving forward.”

“People that matter don’t mind, and people that mind don’t matter.”


Connect with Barbara Majeski:


Instagram: @barbaramajeski

TikTok: @barbaramajeski

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Educated by Tara Westover

The Blindspot by Michael Lewis

Etched In Sand by Regina Calcaterra

Unbroken by Bill K. Underwood

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