How To Network Effectively (with Christine Smith): Episode 238

Christine is not your average gal. A divorced mom of one, Christine has an engineered, artistic mind with a bartender’s personality. She has made her way through predominantly male industries to build a business tailored to those with a genuine givers mindset. Her experience has aided in her development of a process to educate others on how to build their networks intentionally. Christine has built her business through active community building and strives for others to be able to replicate, so that perhaps one day networking won’t always feel like a dirty word.

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  • Christine says her goal was to be a resource, to get in front of people in the most non-confrontational way possible. She came to the realization that her business model should be through other people and those connections.
  • If you’re an introvert, you can still advocate for yourself and successfully network! Her tips are to surround yourself with the right types of people, in smaller circles.
  • She shares that the key to networking is to be yourself and say what you would say “at a barbecue.” Instead of the end goal being a sale and speaking from that place, try to think about adding value rather than closing a sale every time.
  • Christine says the purpose of a marketing event shouldn’t be just to go find a direct client. She says that your goal should be to find people to collaborate with, people to add to your tribe that can help you grow and you can help them.
  • In this new time of virtual everything, Christine says that networking doesn’t have to stop. She says her attendance went up, people can be more relaxed and conversations and connections are better than ever because of how instant it can be on Linkedin, emails, etc. She says to push yourself to really network now more than ever. You have no reason not to be putting out great content and connecting with a whole new audience.
  • Some social media tips Christine gives are to first of all just show up! She does Monday round tables, talking branding, customer service, etc. Tuesdays she does a connection train for her followers to connect. She does happy hours every Friday and shoutouts where her people shout out someone else who helped them! This makes people catch onto the trend where they tag someone shouting them out and then those people end up being able to collaborate with others!
  • Christine says she networks a couple hours a week.
  • A synergistic influencer to Christine is someone that really works well with her. Same effort, communication, into a task. They are a top connecter and have a great handle on using Linkedin and Facebook. She also says they are someone who actively builds people up.
  • Network Layering! Christine says that the people you should keep track of the most are the people who are constantly crossing your path. They put the same amount of time, effort and communication into you that you put into them. Checking in, following up, invitations to events, actively participating in each other’s lives.
  • One mistake Christine sees people make often is assumption. She sees a lot of people assuming networking is only to find clients. Instead, focus on networking as more than that. People are a multitude of opportunity, not just a sale. They might have skills and things to offer in your life. Change your perspective to see which funnel you put people into: maybe they’re a client, maybe they’ll be an asset, maybe they’ll be a future client, maybe they’ll teach you, etc.
  • Christine says that in order to intentionally follow up with people, schedule a call on the calendar. Even if it’s a week or a month out. She also suggests adding yourself as a contact in your phone with all your info: phone number, photo, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Have it all set up and then when you are exchanging info, share your contact with them so you’re no longer responsible for reaching out! That way they have all your info and you can schedule a call on the spot.


  • (2:08) A little more about Christine and how she got started.
  • (5:20) How introverts can network effectively.
  • (7:15) Take the energy off of just closing the sale, instead know your value.
  • (8:44) What should your intention be at a marketing event?
  • (9:47) Questions to ask at a marketing event!
  • (12:20) How to build your network online–virtual events in the time of Covid!
  • (14:08) Christine’s top online platforms for networking.
  • (14:53) How Christine uses LinkedIn.
  • (16:10) The power of “shoutouts” and why they 100% work to bring in new people to a networking group.
  • (17:34) How much time needs to be spent networking and how to best go about it?
  • (19:20) What is a synergistic influencer?
  • (20:36) Network Layering.
  • (22:30) 80/20 Law.
  • (22:49) A mistake Christine sees people make often.
  • (25:01) How to intentionally follow up with people.
  • (26:40) What you should do instead of using business cards!!
  • (29:55) One mistake Christine has made in her own business.
  • (32:03) One of the best books Christine has read.
  • (34:20) What does it mean to Christine to make an impact?
  • (34:49) Where you can connect with Christine Smith?


“You never know who’s going to be a client. You never know who will say yes to you.”

“My prospecting model is teaching other people how to prospect.”

“We’re all human.”

“Everyone is an opportunity.”


Connect with Christine Smith:

LinkedIn–Christine Smith

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Question Behind The Question by John G. Miller

Watch Full Episode:

How To Network Effectively (with Christine Smith): Episode 238

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