How to Create Systems that Create Freedom (with Brittany Dixon): Episode 388

On this episode, we have on special guest Brittany Dixon! Brittany helps entrepreneurs build businesses without burnout by creating minimalist business & productivity systems to do more in less time. She organizes routines, time management & tech to work better for you! A former Event Planner & Professional Home Organizer, Brittany is now the Marie Kondo for Businesses with her Consulting, Coaching & Podcasting. As the CEO of Brittany & Co, she uses her organization skills to help business owners simplify to amplify their income, impact & influence! When Brittany is not helping business owners, she is raising her twin girls, Kenna & Layla with her Husband Steven Dixon, Camping & Learning the Art of Wine & Cheese!

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  • On this episode we are talking about systems, SOPs, and automation tools to help scale a business without burnout.
  • Brittany Dixon is a mom of twins and a full-time business owner who helps entrepreneurs streamline the backend work of a business, such as SOPs and task management.
  • SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure and is a checklist of how to do something, allowing business owners to document the step-by-step process and delegate tasks.
  • Brittany breaks down tasks into three categories: Business Development, Client Services, and Operations.
  • Brittany suggests starting with client-related SOPs, such as client onboarding and off-boarding, as they are the lifeblood of a business.
  • Each offer a business has may have a different onboarding process and require different information.
  • Brittany emphasizes the importance of documenting and streamlining processes to avoid burnout.
  • Simplify the use of Asana by creating the least amount of projects possible and heavily using tasks and subtasks to avoid chaos.
  • Use the BCO method to organize projects into boards for business development, client services, and operations.
  • Consider hiring a system strategist before hiring a virtual assistant to ensure that processes and systems are streamlined.
  • Make sure to document processes and expectations for virtual assistants to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Time management is key to achieving a healthy work-life balance and growing as an entrepreneur.


  • (0:52) A little more about Brittany Dixon.
  • (1:05) Brittany introduces herself and her business.
  • (2:02) Discussion of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • (3:00) Discussion on creating SOPs, starting with client onboarding.
  • (8:30) Asana is a blank slate.
  • (13:15) Tasks that can be delegated to a VA.
  • (14:17) Hiring process for a VA.
  • (15:35) What to look for in a VA.
  • (16:19) Communication and setting expectations with a VA.
  • (17:25) Setting boundaries with a VA.
  • (18:30) Managing time zones when working with a VA.
  • (19:12) Paying a VA and creating a contract.
  • (20:15) Tips for a successful VA relationship.
  • (21:09) What it means to Brittany to make an impact.
  • (22:10) One of the best books Brittany has read.
  • (22:50) Where to connect with Brittany.


  • “I’m on a mission to help business owners build a business without burnout and really be more productive and get more done in less time.”
  • “SOP actually just stands for Standard Operating Procedure and really it’s just the checklist of how you do something.”
  • “As business owners, everything is in our head and that makes it really, really hard to start delegating and to bring on assistance to help with things because it’s in our heads.”
  • “It’s a way for us to document the step-by-step of how to do something and how we like things being done so that we can pass it off and start to delegate and grow the team.”
  • “Client onboarding is a huge one… you’re collecting a lot of different information now. There’s a lot of stuff that overlaps but there’s basically a different process for each offer you have.”
  • “The biggest thing with Asana is it’s literally a blank slate… if you create too many projects, it gets very chaotic very quickly.”
  • “Really simplifying it… trying not to create a new project for everything is a huge tip.”
  • “I come in from a really high level and make sure that the processes are streamlined and that the systems are really streamlined.”
  • “A lot of times what I found is that you need the VA less than you think you do because once you get organized systems, it’s easier to manage.”


Books mentioned in the episode:

Ordinary Superpowers by Mark Henson

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How to Create Systems that Create Freedom (with Brittany Dixon): Episode 388

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