Why your FACEBOOK Group needs to be your main focus now (with Christina Jandali) Episode 389

On this episode of the She's Making an Impact Podcast, I have on special guest and one of my dear friends, Christina Jandali! We're talking all about why your FACEBOOK Group needs to be your main focus now. 

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  • Rachel and Christina Jandali are discussing about growing a profitable Facebook group.
  • Christina is known as the go-to expert on Facebook groups and has built a seven figure company using connection based marketing and Facebook groups.
  • Christina believes Facebook groups provide an opportunity to create an experience that leads to intimacy and connection with the audience.
  • Christina contrasts Facebook groups with other social media platforms like Instagram and with email lists, as Facebook groups provide an opportunity for a two-way conversation.
  • Christina is offering a free training on growing a profitable Facebook group and the listeners can register for it by visiting rachelngom.com/facebook
  • Trust is crucial when speaking to a group of people. If you stop and start, people will lose trust and stop listening to you.
  • Speaking to your audience is not enough. You need to create a two-way dialogue and have a reciprocal relationship with your audience.
  • The training being offered is focused on elevating authority in Facebook groups, attracting the right people, engaging with them and converting them into buyers.
  • The rise of automation is making human connection even more important. People crave connection, and there is no better place to create it than in a Facebook group.



(1:06) A little more about Christina Jandali introduces herself and her business

(1:33) Why Facebook groups??

(2:02) Christina explains her perspective on the use of social media and Facebook groups.

(2:57) The difference between email list and Facebook groups

(3:51) 30k cash per month!?

(4:00) The importance of retesting things

(4:37) Turning a Facebook group of 200 people into over 200,000 in revenue!

(5:43) The importance of bringing in the right people, creating connections, and finding out what they need/desire.

(6:01) Creating demand for your offer.

(6:36) the topic shifts to common mistakes people make with Facebook groups

(6:41) Mistake number one mentioned: making it all about yourself instead of the audience.

(7:53)  Importance of not stopping or breaking the trust with the audience

(8:22) Difference between speaking at them and speaking with them

(8:44) Overview of the “engage your group” training

(9:26) Synergy between Facebook groups and email marketing

(9:51) Link to register for the training

(10:04) The need for human connection as automation becomes more prevalent

(11:07) The importance of being able to create a human connection in order to command AI.



  • “I am known by many as the go-to expert when it comes to Facebook groups.”
  • “From the difference of social media it’s like there’s the storefront and then you get to come inside the community.”
  • “Facebook groups is a tool to be able to create those connections with your audience and with your people.”
  • “Email lists are great but I felt like I was having a one-sided conversation and quite honestly, I felt a little bit lonely.”



Sign up for Christina’s training HERE: https://rachelngom.com/facebook

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Why your FACEBOOK Group needs to be your main focus now (with Christina Jandali) Episode 389

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