How to Create a Profitable Facebook Group (with Christina Jandali): Episode 083

Today I’m talking to confidence boosting, cash creating, business growth, facebook group specialist Christina Jandali! We talk all about Facebook, and how to create a profitable group! Take some notes, because she has some tips that can really change your business!

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Episode 083:


  • Christina talks about how she had a million dollar job, but she knew she wanted more, and that entrepreneurship was the next step for her.
  • She talks about how she made everything created for her audience. She wanted to serve and give to her audience.
  • When you’re coming from a place of service, it makes you want to show up. The truth  is when you are coming from that place of helping people, rather than just closing on the sale,  it shows in your business.
  • ASK PEOPLE! Christina stresses that the sense of community is key in business. Make things all about your audience, and be honest. It’s okay if you don’t have it all together- just be honest and be yourself!
  • Christina talks about posting with intention! You want to be leading your audience towards a goal, and to get in the head of your ideal client. Ask questions that will let you learn about them, and further help them.
  • Consistent growth is key. You should always be trying to get new members on a consistent basis.
  • Invite people who are your ideal client. To start, you’ll probably need to personally invite some people. The key is to not just invite anyone just for the numbers. Get interested people who are your ideal clients.
  • By niching down, you business will grow. You will become an EXPERT in your niche, versus being one of 1,000 people in a broader space.
  • “As you’re selling, your service is solving a problem” You need to make sure when you’re selling in your Facebook group, that your SOLUTION to the problem of your ideal client is being solved. If you’re able to really make this clear, then your sales will follow.
  • Always be thinking: problem, solution, problem, solution.
  • Don’t treat your group like a booty call. Don’t show up ONLY when you want to sell. You have to show up constantly, and creating long term relationships.


  • (1:43) A little more about Christina Jandali.
  • (5:10) How Christina fell into the right path as an entrepreneur?
  • (5:52) How did Christina Jandali have her $30,000 month?
  • (10:52) What are some ways to grow engagement in a Facebook group? (3 parts)
  • (16:20) What are the best ways to grow your Facebook group?
  • (20:02) Why to niche down your group: how it will get you MORE business than trying to serve everyone.
  • (22:41) How can you make your Facebook group profitable??
  • (27:03) What are some of the biggest mistakes Christina sees people making in their Facebook groups?
  • (28:38) Don’t treat your Facebook Group like a booty call!
  • (30:01) Grow Your Group Challenge! What is it and why should you sign up?


“Constantly set yourself up for wins”

“People crave realness”

“The more clear and specific you can make it, the better it’s going to be when it comes to growth and engagement.”

“You gain expert status by being more niche”

“The more money you make, the more people you get to serve”

“As you’re selling, your service is solving a problem”


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How to Create a Profitable Facebook Group (with Christina Jandali): Episode 083

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