Secrets to Unlimited Traffic in 4 Essential steps (with Deirdre Tshien): Episode 366

In this episode I’m talking to Co-founder & CEO of Capsho, the world’s first AI-powered Podcast Copywriter, Deirdre Tshien! She is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and led 7 businesses across 5 industries in the last 9 years, and has navigated the entire spectrum of experiences and emotions (the good, the bad and the ugly) that comes with starting, running and closing businesses. We’re diving into her secrets to unlimited traffic!!

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  • Deirdre says that she loves experiencing new places and lifestyles and that was a huge pivot for her. She moved to New York because she was exploring a fashion technology idea. Mid 2019  her family packed up and headed to NY!
  • What is Capsho? Capsho is software that helps Experts who podcast create their AI-generated episode title, player description, show notes, episode social media captions and email with Content Honey Traps so that they can grow their listeners!
  • You have to niche down. Deirdre says she knew she couldn’t help everyone, so she focused on marketing Capture to podcasters!
  • The Traffic Pyramid: 4 steps to getting unlimited traffic.
    • 1. Passive, Organic Marketing
      • Content creation, social media, blog post, podcast.
      • Things we spend time on to get our name out there.
    • 2. Active Organic Marketing
      • How can we activate that marketing?
      • On social media, be a “good citizen” on that platform! Show up consistently on a few platforms. People will come to you for that.
      • “The only way you can grow anything is focusing.”
      • The only way you’re actually going to grow a presence is consistency.
      • Go after the people you want to check you out!
    • 3. Leveraging other people’s audiences
      • People won’t automatically come. You have to get your name out there, and putting yourself in front of other people’s audiences is a great way to get eyes on you and your business through another platform that has a trusted audience.
      • Find the people who have the audience that you’re trying to reach.
      • The more you collaborate in that space, the more your actual ideal client will see you.
    • 4. Scale Through Paid Ads
      • You have to be strategic with your ads.
      • When you can nail your content, messaging, and ideal client, then it’s time to pay for ads.
      • If you pay for ads before you know all that, it will be a waste.
      • You can’t build a business initially through paid ads. This is why the pyramid is formed with these 4 steps in this order.
  • Momentum is so key. Once you niche down and find your target audience and get in front of those people, you will see momentum begin to form. Once people see you through social or as a guest on podcasts, they might go through your course, through your funnel, and see the results you bring. Then these people will become the best testimonies to your products and word of mouth will drive even more sales and momentum!
  • Who are you creating content for? You need to know this answer. You can’t just speak to a wide range of people or it won’t resonate with anyone. Get specific, get vulnerable and people will resonate.
  • So much of being in a successful business is about what you can give! The more you can give, the more they’ll give back. This is the difference.
  • You WILL get there. The only way these big brands built themselves was by targeting.



  • (1:16) A little more about Deirdre.
  • (3:05) How Deirdre ended up moving to NYC.
  • (5:17) The first iteration of Capsho.
  • (5:30) What is Capsho?
  • (6:10) Why it’s so important to niche down.
  • (7:05) The traffic pyramid: 4 steps to getting unlimited traffic.
  • (8:12) 1. Passive, Organic Marketing
  • (9:01) 2. Active Organic Marketing
  • (11:19) 3. Leveraging other people’s audiences
  • (14:12) 4. Scale Through Paid Ads
  • (15:33) Momentum–how Deirdre experienced momentum in her business.
  • (17:28) Who are you creating content for?
  • (19:10) How can you give?
  • (20:40) Everyone starts with a niche.
  • (21:50) What does it mean to Deirdre to make an impact?
  • (22:38) One of the best books Deirdre has read.
  • (23:21) Where to connect with Deirdre.



“The only way you can grow anything is focusing.”

“Social media platforms were designed to be social.”

“Find the people who have the audience that you’re trying to reach.”

“You WILL get there.”



Connect with Deirdre:

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Instagram @DeirdreTshien

Book Recommendations:

Unscripted – The Great Rat-Race Escape: From Wage Slavery to Wealth: How to Start a Purpose Driven Business and Win Financial Freedom for a Lifetime

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Secrets to Unlimited Traffic in 4 Essential steps (with Deirdre Tshien): Episode 366

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