Easily Triple Your Productivity THIS WEEK: Episode 326

On this week’s episode, we’re talking PRODUCTIVITY! I’m sharing some small shifts that can TRIPLE your productivity this week. Trust me, since implementing these things into my schedule and routine, I have been able to increase productivity, and really utilize the most productive hours of my day to be the hours I get *ish done!

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1. Figure out when you’re most productive (1:20)


When throughout the day are you most productive?


You want to make sure this time is blocked out for you to work. 


I was interviewing an Activate student, and she said she feels the most productive in the morning, but she works out and does other things while her kids are still asleep. We talked and figured out that since this is her most productive time, she should shift to use those 2-3 hours while the kids are still asleep to get a power hour of work in, and then she could always work out while they’re awake!


Figure out when you’re most productive.


It’s small shifts like this, like giving yourself time to work at your peak productive time that will really help you get more done.





2. Put your power hour on your calendar (2:09)


So you figured out why you’re most productive, now put that power hour on your calendar!


My power hour is 9-10 or 11 am. I have power hour on my calendar. I’m not taking business phone calls or interviews until after that. Because this time is when I’m most productive and creative, so I block it off!




3. Use a planner and write out 3 things you want to accomplish in your power hour (3:03)



I use the Push Journal by Chalene Johnson. 


Write down 3 needle moving activities you want to get done during your power hour.


Not creating graphics or posting on social media, the things that will REALLY move the needle.


Examples of needle movers:

  • Writing emails
  • Recording podcast
  • Creating modules for webinar


Then once I have my 3 things, I sit down, get rid of all distractions and put in my AirPods with the app “Brain FM” with the focus setting for 1 hour!


I’m immediately in the zone. Typically I get it all done before the hour is even up. If you have a ton of work, maybe you do another power hour that day.




“If you give yourself 6 hours to do a task, it will take you 6 hours. If you give yourself 1 hour, it will take you 1 hour!”


But that’s it!! Be intentional with your time, and have a set plan of what you want to get done. DOn’t spend time between typing scrolling on Instagram, and checking your email…. Set a timer, know what you need to work on (1-3 tasks) put on brain FM, and GET IT DONE! I promise you your productivity will increase!


How do I only work 10 hours a week? This is how. I don’t spend time on things that don’t matter, and I don’t give myself hours and hours to get tasks done.



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Easily Triple Your Productivity THIS WEEK: Episode 326

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