3 Easy PR Strategies You’re Not Using Yet (with Gloria Chou): Episode 327

On this episode, I have on award-winning Small Business PR expert, Gloria Chou! Gloria is a pitch writer who teaches early-stage founders how to "hack their own PR" with her proprietary 3-step CPR Pitching Method™, one that’s helped thousands of bootstrapped small businesses!

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  • CPR Pitching Framework
    • C–Credibility
    • P–Point of view
    • R–Relevance: what makes you relevant to the publication you’re trying to get into? Can you share quotes or statistics.
  • If you have those 3 things you are 90% there. Gloria says start an email with CPR reversed. They need to know why you’re relevant first! Position your pitch as a newsworthy pitch.
  • Example of R–Relevance: what makes you relevant to the publication you’re trying to get into? Can you share quotes or statistics?
  • Example of P–Point of view: 3 bullet points of your point of view–how can you stand out and be different?
  • Example of C–Credibility: conclude with 1-2 sentences showing why you are credible.
  • When it comes to length of the email, Gloria says it always takes more skill and expertise to communicate in a concise way. So whatever you have now, keep dwindling it down.
  • Gloria says you can tell when people haven’t sent a lot of PR emails. If it’s too long or not short and compelling. Remember that editors get hundreds of PR emails a day. You want to stand out and not bombard them with long emails. Gloria recommends 2-3 short paragraphs maximum for your pitch email. If you have a really interesting founder story, include it. But don’t make it so long that it gets boring.
  • Gloria shares two great quotes about subject lines:
    • “It starts with the subject line and every single sentence you are competing for their attention.”
    • “Your email is only as good as the subject line.”
  • Remember–if the editor never opens your email, then it won’t matter what’s in the email. Make sure it’s not super long and don’t include your company name or the word “pitch.”
  • Figure out what the article would look like and write the pitch around that.
  • Install Google news alert to your computer! Set the words that you want to keep up to date on in your niche and you can stay in the know of what’s going on in your space.
  • Gloria says that it’s not just an email, it’s an email and some followup. Instagram, Linkedin, etc. The last thing you want to do is launch something and hear crickets. Connect with people who have covered your key word. That way when you do announce something, they’ve already seen your name. It’s a relationship. Build it as a relationship.
  • You can follow the hashtag #journalrequest or #PRrequest on twitter or Google news alerts and keep track of these people on a Google spreadsheet to keep track.
  • HARO is a site to connect with journalists!
  • Gloria says there’s so much power in knowing your narrative. Know your 3 point elevator pitch.
  • Gloria says to install an email tracking device. You should know who opens your emails! This really helps with who you should follow up with.
  • In order to stay relevant, you have to go outside of your comfort zone.
  • “Once you get onto one feature, that journalist will now see you as an expert.” Once you get on one, it will lead to more!
  • Digital space has a shorter lead time (2 months) if it’s print, you are going to need a longer lead time.
  • How can you get newsworthy angles: how to show your relevance? Gloria says to ask yourself:
    • What’s happening in the news?
    • Is there a new policy, regulatory framework?
    • Seasonal angles (Christmas, graduation, summer, etc.)
  • Gloria says some common mistakes are within two categories, mindset mistakes and tactical mistakes:
    • Mindset mistakes: Limiting beliefs, saying you’re not ready for PR. You need to start early!!
    • Tactical mistakes: Not doing the work of transforming your marketing pitch into a newsworthy pitch. You don’t want to use the same message. A journalist isn’t going to buy–so you need to change the pitch.
  • “Journalism is not dead!”
  • You need to be bold and relentless when pitching. Be bold and be YOURSELF and don’t give up if you don’t hear back right away.
  • Ads are not going to get you credibility. This is a whole different aspect of business.


  • (1:22) A little more about Gloria Chou.
  • (2:31) Gloria’s CPR Pitching Framework–how to hack your own PR.
  • (4:02) Examples of Credibility, Point of View, and Relevance!
  • (5:06) How long should your pitching framework be?
  • (6:10) Subject lines for your pitch email.
  • (7:19) Google news alert.
  • (7:50) How to find the right contacts for PR.
  • (10:20) What is HARO?
  • (11:22) The best bang for your time buck to pitch yourself.
  • (12:10) Have someone on your team to start creating connections.
  • (13:01) How often do you have to follow up?
  • (15:28) How far in advance should you be pitching?
  • (16:42) Newsworthy angles: how to show your relevance.
  • (18:52) Mistakes Gloria sees entrepreneurs making in PR.
  • (22:02) DIY vs a PR agency?
  • (23:25) What does it mean to Gloria to make an impact?
  • (23:48) One of the best book’s Gloria’s read?
  • (23:56) Where to connect with Gloria.


“For a lot of founders and bootstrapping entrepreneurs, they don’t necessarily have the contacts for PR at first.”

“It starts with the subject line and with every single sentence you are competing for their attention.”

“Your email is only as good as the subject line.”

“Know your narrative.”

“I am a strong believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” -Benjamin Franklin

“Once you get onto one feature, that journalist will now see you as an expert.”

“Don’t overlook the fact that you have access to your audience, and do a simple survey.”

“Don’t cut yourself out of the game because you think you need to be in a certain place.”

“Journalism is not dead!”



Connect with Gloria:

Masterclass: Gloriachou.com/masterclass

Podcast: The Small Business PR Podcast

Instagram: @gloriachoupr

Help A Reporter (HARO)

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3 Easy PR Strategies You\'re Not Using Yet (with Gloria Chou): Episode 327

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