How to Create a Powerful Client Experience (with Elizabeth Averyanova): Episode 356

On this episode, I have on web designer, brand strategist, and founder of Studio Classica, Elizabeth Averyanova! Elizabeth helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers scale their businesses with impactful, beautiful branding and design to attract dream clients, elevate their online presence, and book out their offers while creating a lasting impact in the world. Her branding and design studio, Studio Classica, specializes in strategic, all-in-one Kajabi websites, high-converting sales pages, and online coaching program launches! She has helped numerous coaches & women entrepreneurs with 6-figure online coaching program launches, impactful and effective landing page creation, and behind-the-scenes business systems that free up your time from daily tasks - without the design or tech overwhelm. As an American designer living in Europe, Elizabeth co-founded her design and architectural studio with her husband in 2012 and has served 500+ design clients over the 9+ years of being an online design entrepreneur. She loves to educate and mentor fellow designers & aspiring architects on her personal brand website and podcast (launching soon) at

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  • Elizabeth says that the client is the most important part of your business. The more special you can make them, the better the customer experience will be. Going above and beyond in service based business, adding in surprises, and over delivering is so key to making an amazing customer experience.
  • How can you over deliver to your clients? Elizabeth says to add in surprises. For example, doing something specific for them, is it a gift that is sent to them once they sign on, a custom extra freebie when they sign on, or maybe it’s a welcome video once your client books a call. It’s all about the element of surprise, little steps to make you more memorable.
  • You want to personalize your potential clients’ experience. These are people who might not know you very well and you want to make them feel special, warmed to work with you and see your value.
  • Elizabeth says that she uses Kajabi and loves the way you can customize it from the thank you, to the confirmation page, all the way through the dashboards. etc. She loves how you can create a seamless experience through Kajabi.
  • After clients sign on, it’s important you don’t ghost them. Make sure you have emails being sent out and give them homework or things to fill out so they know they’re on track to success immediately.
  • You want to get your new clients in action mode! It can be small next steps, but make sure once they sign on they have things to do. It makes a big difference and reduces refund rates.
  • Referrals and repeat clients are so key! If you can create a really great “wow” customer experience and over deliver, you will get these referrals.



  • (1:34) A little more about Elizabeth and her design background.
  • (2:40) Tips on how to create an awesome customer experience.
  • (4:12) Tangible things you can do to over deliver to your clients.
  • (7:34) Our 2 step process for our sales experience.
  • (8:18) Why you want to personalize your potential clients’ experience.
  • (8:55) How Elizabeth uses Kajabi to create a great customer experience.
  • (10:03) Elizabeth’s onboarding systems.
  • (12:15) Other ideas to make your new client’s experience special.
  • (12:40) Creating a streamlined offer for your customers needs.
  • (13:43) How Elizabeth recommends you brand your offers.
  • (15:22) Onboarding sequence that Elizabeth uses.
  • (16:28) Creating a “wow client experience” for service providers.
  • (17:43) What does it mean to Elizabeth to make an impact?
  • (18:12) One of the best books Elizabeth has read.
  • (18:51) Where to connect with Elizabeth Averyanova.



“They feel like they start to get to know you.”

“Make your onboarding process clear of what they have to do next.”

“They need some homework.”

“Action mode gets them out of their head.”



Connect with Elizabeth:


Instagram @ElizabethAveryanova

Books Mentioned in this episode:

The 5am Club by Robin Sharma

Vitruvius: The 10 Books of Architecture by Morris Hicky Morgan

Watch Full Episode:

How to Create a Powerful Client Experience (with Elizabeth Averyanova): Episode 356

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