Use This Personality Quiz to Create Personal Growth (with Marta Spirk): Episode 358

Marta is a wife, mom to 5-year-old triplets, a podcaster, empowerment coach and marketing strategist, helping women entrepreneurs to move past perfectionism, imposter syndrome and comparison and into VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFIT.   She does that with her 5-step process called ENGAGE TO SERVE METHOD™, her podcast The Empowered Woman (over 80K downloads), The Empowered Woman School membership and workshops. It is both her passion and mission to give women the permission to succeed, letting their voices be heard to create the impact they were meant to have as they step into their entrepreneurial potential.

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  • Marta shares that enneagrams are a personality framework. People think they’re just a test, but it’s so much more than that, it’s something you study and get to understand your whole life so you type yourself, by studying others around you.
  • There are 9 types of enneagrams. The best way to figure out your enneagram, Marta recommends, is to sit down with an enneagram coach. Taking the test is just a starting point. There is so much research after the fact that you can do to figure out exactly what you are.
  • Once you know your enneagram, Marta shares from experience, it really helped her to learn more about who she was and what she wanted. It helped her see herself and her personality type as normal. In the business world, it’s so easy to look at others thriving and get down on ourselves. But, Marta shared, figuring out her enneagram gave her self-awareness and the ability to see herself as unique.
  • Marta shares that in the beginning of growing her business, she remembers looking at the definition of her traits, and it clicking. She understood why she thinks the way she thinks and how different her though process is than her colleges, husband, or children.
  • Surround yourself with all the types of enneagrams.
  • If you don’t know your strengths, they become your weaknesses.
  • The Do-er strengths and weaknesses:
    • Strengths: Leveraging all time, on all the time, a go getter, okay with making mistakes.
    • Weaknesses: Can lead to burnout, can become cranky if you push yourself, sometimes nothing is ever enough.
  • The Feelers strengths and weaknesses:
    • Strengths: Great risk assessment, analytical, good with emotions, pros and cons list, looking for cracks.
    • Weaknesses: Not as big of risk takers, don’t want to fail, not good at making mistakes, always looking at worst case scenario.
  • The Thinker strengths and weaknesses:
    • Strengths: Innovative, in their minds, thinks things all the way through, amazing ideas.
    • Weaknesses: Afraid of rejection, not want to be seen.
  • Leverage your gifts! Honor who you are naturally and fill in people who fill the gaps.
  • Structuring an offer that works with all personality styles is so key! Marta says that for feelers, they’re scared of mistakes. So they rely on the testimonials, or maybe a money back guarantee. They need the validation of success before they commit and this will make them feel safe. Thinkers need accountability. Maybe a group aspect is appealing for them and if they see deliverables, they will be able to make an educated decision. The do-ers are excitable. They want to get to it. They’re ready to go, ready to get results. Fast action bonuses can be great too. The more direct, the better for do-ers.
  • When I first realized my personality type, I realized that I could better balance myself by taking up some traits of the other personality types. Once you’re aware of them, you can grow and pick up where you are lacking. Marta says this is a sign of a healthier version of you.
  • Ennia is 9 in greek, gram is diagram. Enneagram means diagram of 9.


  • (1:10) A little more about Marta.
  • (3:08) What is an enneagram?
  • (4:15) Where you can take an enneagram test.
  • (5:07) How will knowing your personality style help grow your business?
  • (6:30) Learning how to leverage your gift.
  • (7:01) Understanding your journey.
  • (8:08) My personality type–competitive, the ruby.
  • (9:03) How can we leverage this test to influence others?
  • (10:50) Marta’s quiz.
  • (14:22) The different types of enneagrams.
  • (21:18) Leverage your gifts!
  • (24:29) Apples to oranges between enneagram types.
  • (25:20) Enrolling people into our program based on their personality styles.
  • (26:03) How to enroll feelers.
  • (28:48) How to enroll thinkers.
  • (29:10) How to enroll do-ers.
  • (34:01) What motivates you?
  • (35:12) Becoming aware of your personality style and balancing yourself out.
  • (36:10) Where the word enneagram comes from.
  • (42:18) What it means to Marta to make an impact.
  • (43:24) One of the best books Marta has read.
  • (45:01) Where to connect with Marta.



“It really allowed me to see myself for who I really am and to stop thinking there’s something wrong with me because I don’t behave a certain way.”

“Your journey is your journey.”

“If you don’t know your strengths, they become your weaknesses.”

“You don’t have to shake your butt to be successful.”

“The only person keeping you from being what you desire is yourself.”

“Definition of purpose is not giving up.”

“Your success is on the other side of your biggest failure and your biggest defeat.”



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Books Mentioned in this episode:

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

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Use This Personality Quiz to Create Personal Growth (with Marta Spirk): Episode 358

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