How to Integrate Family & Business Successfully (with Elizabeth Hartke): Episode 329

On this episode, we have international Business and Leadership Strategist, and Founder of the Luminary Leadership Company, Elizabeth Hartke. Elizabeth works to elevate successful entrepreneurs into powerful leaders so they can do work that matters. Through her masterminds, mentorship and signature programs, Elizabeth has shown thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe how to shift from just building a business to creating a legacy. She brings with her ten years of leadership experience and has built two growing and successful businesses. Her expertise has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company, and on stages throughout the world. Elizabeth and her husband live on their hobby farm with their three children in Wisconsin.

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  • Elizabeth says entrepreneurs sometimes feel spread thin. The calling as an entrepreneur and the calling to your family. And she says that there doesn’t have to be separation. Sometimes we don’t acknowledge that enough. It’s okay to combine and integrate your online business with your family life.
  • Your family is part of the team. How they serve, the way you support each other, that is a founder family. That makes the dream come to life and it can shift your mindset from being stressed and secluded in your business, to having a very inclusive, integrated family/business dynamic.
  • Your kids can witness the hard work you put in and learn from it.
  • Elizabeth says that by opening the lines of communication with your kids, you can include them more into the biz. Being intentional around the dinner table conversations, having conversation around your work, and why you do it.
  • “Your business values should be the same as your family values.” Talking about the problems you had in your business, asking your kids how they would handle it.
  • It’s important your kids know what you do and why. Let them know the impact you make and what your business does for others. Can your kids identify your impact and your values without you telling them?
  • Your True North: Family values that you live by, defined by YOU.
  • Allow your kids to call you out when you’re not living by your true north. Elizabeth says that if you include your kids in your mission and values, you can allow them to help live by those values.
  • Talking shop does not mean venting about how hard your business is. Don’t let your kids absorb all those stresses. Then they will take on that as the perception of a small business or entrepreneurship as a whole.
  • “It’s a calling no matter how old your kids are!” Elizabeth says it’s not a time stamp–these values can be shared any time and at any age. With kids this age, the key is asking questions for them to explore what entrepreneurship looks like to them.
  • If you’ve been focused more on business, Elizabeth says that the first step to get back into alignment is humility. It’s okay to humbly go to your family and say you haven’t been living in a family first mentality. It’s not beating yourself up, it’s allowing your kids to see that humility and owning up to mistakes is important. It opens the conversation to what they would love to see happen. Don’t go to your calendar first, go to your family.


  • (2:39) A little more about Elizabeth Hartke.
  • (5:27) Entrepreneurship and family life. How can you do BOTH well?
  • (8:20) How to become a “founder family.”
  • (9:33) Family dynamics before the Industrial Revolution.
  • (10:29) Purchasing our farm.
  • (10:50) How can your kids be more included in your online business?
  • (13:22) Your “True North.”
  • (14:50) What does talking shop look like for kids?
  • (16:16) If you have older kids (teens) how can you get your kids involved?
  • (18:01) The gift entrepreneur parents can give to their kids.
  • (19:30) Speaking to the things that align with your kids spark.
  • (20:05) The Luminary Leadership Spark Guide.
  • (20:34) Elizabeth’s tips to get back in line with your family values.
  • (25:18) Elizabeth’s “Rally Cry” Event details.
  • (27:25) Where to connect with Elizabeth.


“Success in business, legacy at home.”

“You can step into who you’re called to be and be supported.”

“Your business values should be the same as your family values.”

“It’s a calling no matter how old your kids are.”


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How to Integrate Family & Business Successfully (with Elizabeth Hartke): Episode 329

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