Secrets to Creating a Full Time Business on a Part Time Schedule (with Holly Haynes): Episode 299

On this episode, I have productivity expert, Holly Haynes! Holly helps female entrepreneurs take back control of their time with proven productivity techniques, systems, and structure to create a strategy that scales long term. An industry expert, host of the Crush the Rush Podcast and featured Thrive author with a 20-year business consulting background with Fortune 500 companies, Holly runs her strategic coaching business and the Crush the Rush planner company while raising her twin daughters with her husband in addition to working for a non-profit in Columbus, Ohio. 

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  • Holly talks about how the words overwhelm, or busy, are overused. She says to dig deeper and figure out why you’re saying you’re overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s because of things outside of our business that is causing the symptom of overwhelm. She says that if you’re feeling it, flip the script and adjust it to get out of that cycle.
  • Let’s talk about how to be productive. These are the top things that help Holly stay the most productive:
    • Staying organized
    • Having set business hours–even if you don’t always get everything done, have a routine, a set schedule!
    • Pick theme days (Monday–planning day, Tuesday–podcast day, etc.).
    • Focus on one thing at a time.
  • Holly’s “themed” schedule:
    • Monday: CEO day (planning day, start content).
    • Tuesday: Podcast day (write them, talk on podcasts, etc.).
    • Wednesday: Client Care day (following up with clients, bts of clients).
    • Thursdays: Finances & Reset day.
    • Fridays: Client call and planning day (meeting with clients / planning for the week ahead).
    • Saturday: Creative Session.
  • Some things take more than a half hour–Holly says that structure is everything! Sometimes she will wake up and do a chunk of work before her kids wake up. 
  • Holly says her self-care normally happens in the mornings, 5am or so. She works out on the Peleton, and makes sure she has time for herself. She says her days are pretty packed, and so she tries not to work in the evenings. She turns her phone off at 7 or so to give herself that time. She also takes 24-48 hours off of social media on the weekends.
  • She shares that her ultimate goal is to work 3 days a week. She loves structure, and as she grows her business she wants to keep her work schedule and add in more things she really wants to do.
  • Productivity tools Holly uses:
    • Color coded family Google calendar
    • The planner she created
    • Trello
    • Zapier
    • Kajabi
  • If you’re struggling with where to start, think of a cake. Holly says a day is like a 3 layered cake. You have to have a tier for each thing that’s important. Sure, some days one category can be the biggest, but if the cake is too big, you will have eaten too much. If it’s too small, it’s might not be satisfying. So babble out your day and make time for each “tier” that’s important to you. Then all the bonuses are “sprinkles.”
  • Holly shares that if you want to achieve something, be consistent. Small actions you take every day add up. So don’t commit to 2 hours of a workout every day, because that’s not going to last. Instead commit to 15 minutes. Be consistent and you will see results.
  • The biggest time wasters – The 3 S’s:
    • Scrolling
    • Snacking
    • Snoozing
  • Holly says you’d be surprised with how much you can get done when you set a 10 minute timer. Set a timer if you don’t feel like doing that task, and go to work for that short amount of time! Chances are you will tackle way more than you think!!


  • (2:16) A little more about Holly.
  • (3:09) Why Holly doesn’t like the word “overwhelm.”
  • (4:43) How does Holly juggle entrepreneur life and mom life?
  • (8:03) Hollys “themed” schedule.
  • (10:40) Best tips for scheduling time for bigger tasks.
  • (11:29) How Holly fits self care into her schedule.
  • (14:28) Holly’s ultimate productivity goal.
  • (15:43) Productivity tools Holly uses.
  • (16:55) Your day is a 3 layered cake.
  • (18:46) Being consistent is a super power.
  • (20:03) The biggest time wasters Holly sees: The 3 S’s.
  • (21:04) Setting a timer is a great productivity tool.
  • (23:03) One of the best books Holly’s ever read.
  • (25:18) What does it mean to Holly to make an impact?
  • (26:13) Where to connect with Holly Haynes?


“Consistency trumps talent every single time.”

“You don’t have to give up your dreams because you’re busy.”


Interact– Quiz program to use

Connect with Holly Haynes:

Podcast: Crush the Rush Podcast


Instagram: @holly_marie_haynes

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

The Joy of Missing Out by Tonya Dalton

On Purpose by Tonya Dalton

Cook Once, Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia

Watch Full Episode:

Secrets to Creating a Full Time Business on a Part Time Schedule (with Holly Haynes): Episode 299

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