Talking Africa, Volleyball, Productivity, Business, and More (Interviewed by Joel Goldberg): Episode 249

On this episode, I'm interviewed by Joel Goldberg, host of the podcast "Rounding the Bases." We talk all about Africa, Volleyball, Productivity, Business, and so much more! He asks me so many great questions I've never been asked before, and I loved every minute! I absolutely loved this interview so much, that I wanted it to live on my podcast as well. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  • One of my lowest points before my start as an entrepreneur I had-$400 in my bank account, selling furniture, trying to pawn things for money. It was rough. Not going to lie. But those moment are what push you to want change. 
  • “There’s always a way”- in order to get out of that low point in my life, I had to find that way. I wanted to sign up for a course that was $400 a month and we did not have that. BUT that’s when I started selling furniture, etc so that I could invest in that program. I knew I needed to do it. I went from a $20,000 year, to $80,000 then to $100,000 2 years later all from what I learned in that program. All you need is the right strategy and you can make anything happen.
  • I DIDN’T know what my business was going to be at first. At first I didn’t know my business would be based around Pinterest, I didn’t even have a strategy I knew worked yet! But through trial and error, I knew I could help people, and that led me to be able to have an audience that I could ask feedback from, which led to the strategy and systems I know work for me today. It’s all trial and error- you can’t wait for things to be perfect before you start, take MESSY ACTION.
  • “It’s never ever ever going to be perfect, but if you wait for the perfect timing you’re going to miss out on so many opportunities”
  • Entrepreneurship is messy- you aren’t just going to go up- there will be so many highs and lows but you have to stick with it.
  • Joel asked how I am able to maximize money, family time, impact lives but still have freedom and not be working 24/7. My #1 tip is to have a team to support you. Figure out your zone of genius and then find people to do all the other stuff! Example: I show up for a facebook live, then I have someone create SEO topics, create a facebook live event, create graphics, transcribes the video, create a blog post out of it, upload to youtube, upload to the podcast. All I do is show up, and I have people to help me with the rest!
  • One thing you need to do is be intentional with your time. Maximize your time by putting your phone away and setting a timer. When you sit in front of all your distractions, it will take you hours. Be intentional, be later focused, and see how much quicker you can get tasks done.
  • When I was in college I made a list of goals I had. And almost all of them have come true. Mindset is everything. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
  • Connection and authenticity is the key if you want to grow your social media! DO NOT try to be perfect. Don’t be someone you’re not. Just show up and be the most raw, vulnerable version of yourself. THAT is what people can relate to.
  • My morning routine:
    • Wake up
    • Drink coffee
    • Pump
    • Read the Bible
    • Pray/ Meditate 
    • Journal
    • Get a workout in
  • You can create your own energy! It is something in YOU!
  • One thing I took away from being an athlete that I implement into my business every day is the power of vision. Of knowing what you want to achieve. My coach used to have us sit down and visualize a gold medal being but around our necks. And we ended up winning. So today in my business I still make those visualizations, and continue to stay driven to make it happen.
  • My advice to people who want to change their current situation is that you have purpose. Your life has purpose. Even when things are hard, look ahead at what’s possible. If other people have had success in something, you can too. Don’t give up!





  • (3:09) How I describe myself, and what I do.
  • (4:28) Going from down and out to a multiple 6 figure business owner.
  • (5:46) First step of action go get out of tat low point.
  • (7:38) Figure it out as you go. 
  • (8:39) How taking messy action has changed Joel’s life, and can change your life.
  • (11:50) The importance of being teachable.
  • (16:17) How “She’s Making An Impact” was built.
  • (19:16) How to maximize money, family time, impact people’s lives, but still have freedom!
  • (20:03) How to get tasks done faster.
  • (23:18) What to do when you have interruptions in your schedule.
  • (24:40) What brings me the most joy in my business. 
  • (25:36) What my hopes and dreams were in college.
  • (27:37) The #1 way to grow your social media and email list numbers!
  • (29:02) The power of visualization.
  • (29:55) Biggest homerun I’ve hit professionally.
  • (31:40) Biggest swing and miss in my business, and what I learned from it.
  • (33:18) Small ball- what are the little things that add up to the big things in my world.
  • (34:09) A peek into my morning routine.
  • (35:02) Create your own energy.
  • (35:50) My takeaways from being a high level athlete.
  • (36:49) What I took from high level sports into my business today.
  • (37:58) What I love most about Senegal.
  • (41:30) Outside of Senegal, what’s my favorite place I’ve ever visited.
  • (42:39) What advice I would give to people who want to change their current situation.





“There’s always a way”

“Take messy action”

“Let’s not wait for perfect”

“It’s never ever ever going to be perfect, but if you wait for the perfect timing you’re going to miss out on so many opportunities”

“Connection is currency”

“Being authentic is my superpower”

“Every swing and miss is productive if you learn from it”

“When you strike out looking at that strike, and not swinging the bat, you never gave yourself a chance”

“The little things that are easy to do, are easy not to do, but those are the things that make the biggest difference” -Darren Hardy

“You can create your own energy”

“Show up when everyone is too tired and doesn’t want to”

“If other people have had success in something, you can too.”






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Talking Africa, Volleyball, Productivity, Business, and More (Interviewed by Joel Goldberg): Episode 249

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