Making Money with Video (with Patricia Kelikani): Episode 247

On this episode we're talking all about making money with video! I have special guest, Patricia Kelikani--an Emmy Award winning filmmaker who has helped businesses make A LOT more money. She helps female entrepreneurs make more money with video so they can have raving customers, be known as an expert and leader in their niche and have more time to be with those they love.

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  • Some statistics that Patricia found were that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, video has the lifespan of 4 years and you can grow revenue 49% faster from video content. You will show up higher in SEO the longer people spend on your site too! So moral of the story–the longevity of video content far surpasses text and it’s a way for people to get to know you more personally.
  • Tips to make a video look more professional:
    • Lighting
      • Film in indirect sunlight
      • Buy soft box lighting
    • Audio
      • Film in a quiet spot
      • Use an external microphone (Boya BYM1)
    • Stabilization of your camera
      • Steady hand
      • Tripod
    • Framing
      • Make sure your head is centered
      • Not too close or too far away
  • Patricia says jewel tone colors look best on camera. We are all a different color season depending on skin tone, eye color, hair color etc. From there choose a jewelled and brighter color to go along with that and this will totally make your videos pop! If you’re going to wear jewelry, Patricia recommends simple statement pieces. Nothing too dangly or loud.
  • MAP Method:
    • M–Message (make sure you get your message across in your video)
    • A–Artistry (filming and editing, people are drawn to video that looks great)
    • P–Promotion (where we optimize, share, repurpose video so your ideal client sees it)
  • A homepage video is a video that’s on your home page of your website, to greet your visitors. Patricia says that when people read our content, they read it in their tone, not always the tone we intended! So if you do have that video, it can be in the tone you want, you can uplift them, and share with them how you can help them in the tone you intended.
  • Patricia says that a video sales letter in your about page is all about what you will give your client. Bring your experience, but tie it back into your ideal customer and how you will be able to use your experience to further help them.
  • When you write out a script or talking points, don’t just read it word for word on camera. Patricia says this is a mistake she sees often–you want people to feel like they’re talking to you in a video and when it’s obvious you’re reading a script, you will loose your audience and will come across disingenuous. Make sure your eye contact is directly to the camera, not looking to the side at your notes. That lens is your ideal clients eyes.
  • Patricia says that in the beginning, no one likes how they look on film, or likes listening to the sound of their own voice. But she says the more you do it, the more you see yourself and hear yourself, the more you’ll get used to it and become a pro! Do zoom coffee chats, do practice videos, Instagram stories, etc., to get comfortable with yourself on video. Don’t stress so much about it, no one is critiquing you as much as you think they are, or as much as you are. Just start!


  • (1:15) A little more about Patricia.
  • (1:56) How she got started as an entrepreneur in the film space.
  • (3:18) Places Patricia has gotten to visit throughout her journey as an entrepreneur.
  • (4:39) How can video help make businesses more money?
  • (7:38) Simple filming tips to make a video look more professional.
  • (10:40) What should you wear on camera?
  • (11:10) What color season are you?
  • (13:40) MAP Method that leads to a lucrative video.
  • (16:29) What to use to edit your videos?
  • (16:55) Why you should have a homepage video?
  • (19:50) Video sales letter–why you should have one and tips for creating yours.
  • (21:07) Biggest mistakes Patricia sees people making with video content.
  • (22:44) Patricia’s top tips for getting started, if you’re fearful or think you’re not good enough.
  • (25:29) What’s the best book Patricia has read?
  • (25:53) What does it mean to Patricia to make an impact?
  • (26:50) Where to connect with Patricia.


“Traveling is the best learning experience.”

“Video is the closest thing we have to in person connection.”

“A video without a call to action is like meeting the man of your dreams without giving him your phone number.”

“When people read our content, they read it in their tone, not always the tone we intended.”

“That lens is your ideal clients eyes.“

“Getting outside of your comfort zone is where the big things happen.”


Connect with Patricia Kelikani:

Instagram: @Patricia Kelikani

Youtube: @PatriciaKelikani

Website & Freebie:

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

Watch Full Episode:

Making Money with Video (with Patricia Kelikani): Episode 247

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