Listen to me Being Coached on Branding (with Kira Hug): Episode 285

Today I have special guest, Kira Hug on the show to coach me on all things branding!  Kira Hug is a personality-driven conversion copywriter, co-founder of The Copywriter Club and co-host of The Copywriter Club Podcast. She helps small business owners craft their personal brand following her signature Brand Living Room Framework™.

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  • Kira says that one thing she sees so many entrepreneurs struggle with is their own personal brand personality. She talks about how essential it is for people to find out their unique personality. Until you figure this out, it’s hard to build trust and build conversion numbers.
  • Figure out how to create a parallel between who you are online that matches your day to day personality turned up. Kira says that when you’re online, you want to turn yourself up to an 11! To be competitive, you have to turn up your YOU, so people can identify you, your values, and your brand, right away.
  • Figuring out your figurative dream living room. This is one of the first things Kira does with clients.
    • Start walking through the parts of your living room.
      • How are you showing up in your space when hosting a party?
      • Larger or more intimate?
      • What is your hosting style?
      • How do you interact?
      • What is the conversation?
      • What is your toast to the room?
    • Your audience.
      • Where do all your clients fall?
      • How do you show up for them?
    • The decor of your living room.
      • What is your brand style- colors, textures, lighting.
    • What’s going on outside of your living room–the setting.
      • What is the setting?
      • What music is playing?
      • What are you drawn to?
  • One of the biggest mistakes Kira sees people make when it comes to implementing their brand personality is that people tone down their personality, or try to fit in or sound professional. She says it takes working with someone sometimes to shed that corporate veneer and just be and sound like yourself.
  • Another mistake Kira sees is that people try to mimic competitors. Don’t lose your own voice.
  • Self-judgment comes up a lot when it comes to being yourself online. Kira reminds you not to be critical of yourself. You are who you are. Channel THAT! Be honest with how you show up and people will resinate with you more.
  • Bring the less glamorous side of yourself to the forefront. It’s hard, but that is the side that people want to see–the real you.
  • You won’t be liked by everyone. And you don’t want to! Attract and repel. It’s okay not to be the right fit for everyone. But if you really be who you are and niche down, you can really connect with people. Kira said that the more facets of yourself that you show, the more of an opportunity that gives you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.


  • (1:34) A little more about Kira and how she got started.
  • (1:52) What’s a “Personality Driven Conversion Copywriter”?
  • (2:35) How to “turn up” your personality.
  • (3:39) Kira talking through my figurative living room: guests, hosting style, etc.
  • (13:07) Analyze your space and decor of your figurative living room.
  • (18:30) How can you apply these tips to your own business?
  • (18:49) The biggest mistakes Kira sees people making when it comes to implementing their brand personality.
  • (22:50) It’s okay to lose people who don’t resinate with you.
  • (24:03) Showing different sides of yourself on a personal level is so key.
  • (25:20) One of the best books Kira’s read.
  • (26:40) What it means to Kira to make an impact.
  • (27:22) Where to connect with Kira Hug.


“Be honest with how you show up and people will resinate with you more.”

“Who are you really?”

“If someone tells you not to do or be who you are, that’s probably a red flag.”

“You can’t be liked by everyone.”

“There’s not just one thing that represents you, there’s hundreds, thousands, millions of little details that make you who you are.”



Connect with Kira:

Instagram: @KiraHug


Books mentioned in the episode:

Run to Win by Stephanie Schriock

The Future We Choose by Christiana Figueres

Watch Full Episode:

Listen to me Being Coached on Branding (with Kira Hug): Episode 285

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