Listen to me Being Coached on Membership Sites (with Lisa Princic): Episode 283

Lisa Princic is a trained business strategist and the host of the Scaling Deep Podcast. Lisa's clients turn to her for help with business growth when they are worn out from chasing the next mass marketing trick, but know they need to go beyond word of mouth. She is a results-oriented, deep thinker who has an innate instinct for “seeing” the value of a business and turning that into a pipeline of ideal clients. A staunch believer in business simplicity and intention, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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  • Lisa talks about how a membership suite can help you scale! It’s a great way for people to keep that tether to you after coaching. It allows you to share more knowledge, and offers people a way to learn and grow from you.
  • The openness about memberships is what makes them such a good idea for you. It doesn’t have to be low cost, it can have time periods set, and go into it with the idea that you can make it very specific to your business!
  • A membership site is the next best thing if you want to grow, and you have a niche that you want to serve in a more inclusive way.
  • Lisa says that when starting a membership, it’s all about the culture and inclusivity. Even if you only have a small email list, there is reason to wait! Set the culture and get started even if it’s small scale. You can help 10 people or 10,000 people.
  • When it comes to price, Lisa says she doesn’t think you should undercharge. Memberships are just another way of offering service to people. It depends on what you’re offering, but she says her sweet spot is $250 a month.
  • Lisa talks about how you have to commit to your membership–sell it like you would a course. Work out the purpose and the transformation that your members can reach and you will see it become a success. If you go lighter on the amount of content, and higher on the coaching and transformation, people will be happy to show up.
  • Mistakes Lisa sees people making when making a membership:
    • Pricing their membership too low
    • Not putting together a plan of action
    • Not creating the transformation for their members


  • (2:13) A little more about Lisa and what she does.
  • (2:55) Why you should add a membership suite to your offerings.
  • (4:37) How to know membership duties is a good next step for you?
  • (6:30) How many people you should have on your email list before you launch a membership?
  • (8:14) What’s a good price point for a membership site?
  • (11:10) What is the minimum amount of time you should have people commit to for a new membership site?
  • (12:20) Creating the transformation for people.
  • (12:55) What amount of content should you be putting out for your members?
  • (14:30) How to create a community for your business.
  • (16:13) Do you need to have a Facebook group in 2021?
  • (17:41) Ongoing enrollment vs. open and closed enrollment?
  • (19:46) Mistakes Lisa sees people making when making a membership.
  • (21:03) What does it mean to Lisa to make an impact?


“They can’t buy what you’re not offering them.”

“Offer it like you would a program.”

“Work out the purpose, work out the transformation.”

“Community is going to help people stay.”

“If we are starting to do well and are feeling abundant, then we go further with it.”


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