Using LINKEDIN To Find New Clients (Megan Stratton): Episode 173

Megan is a wife, mom, and full time corporate Regional Sales Director for Gray TV. She lives in the Scenic City of Chattanooga, TN. After the birth of her daughter, Megan wanted to create a community where women could come together support, inspire, and cultivate relationships. So... she created the Unshaken Podcast and Her podcast hit the top 125 in Self Care and the new and noteworthy section within the first 3 months. Today, Megan coaches women to purse their dreams through her experience in the corporate world through selling, closing, and converting! When she isn’t working, you can find her and her family on the lake enjoying the water!

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  • LINKEDIN is a helpful tool in making powerful connections.
  • LINKEDIN is not only for people in business but for creative people as well.
  • You aren’t just sending an email or a resume, but you’re also creating brand recognition.
  • On LINKEDIN you can also build a portfolio of recommendations, and testimonials. 
  • Using the search feature along with keywords you can find new clients or services.
  • You can be very specific in your LINKEDIN search.
  • Sending a message on LINKEDIN is better than cold calling because you have access to so much information available on their LINKEDIN profile.
  • Greeting messages should be very personal not just a generic copy and paste message.
  • Offer value when reaching out to someone, when it is possible.
  • When just starting out posting 3 times a week is a good goal.
  • Make sure you are posting content relevant to your industry.
  • If you have a podcast or a blog, share your episodes just like you would on Instagram or Facebook.
  • “Hang out and engage” with people on your own content and other people’s content as well.
  • The LINKEDIN algorithm could bring 4 times as much traffic by engaging with other people.
  • Spend 20 minutes a day looking through your feed and see what is trending.
  • Using bigger hashtags on LINKEDIN can help generate extra traffic.
  • When you comment on a post it gets pushed to the top and then next person to comment will see your comment and see your title and information.
  • People engage on LINKEDIN at different times so don’t be afraid to repost a good piece of content more than once, to open it up to new audiences.
  • One minute is a good time parameter for video content on LINKEDIN to maximize engagement and making new connections.
  • The call to action on LINKEDIN is “make a connection” instead of subscribe or follow like it is on other social media.
  • Make sure you have a professional looking profile picture on your LINKEDIN profile that might also give a feel for your personality.
  • Have a cover photo that also presents some more of your information, your cover photo is one of the first things people are going to see. 
  • Take your headline as far as you can, make it bold and make it stand out. 
  • If you have a social media manager, having them do some of the engaging can be very helpful in staying consistent.


  • (1:30) A Little more about Megan.
  • (4:50) Using LINKEDIN to form relationships in any field or business.
  • (6:25) Some of the different tools and features of LINKEDIN.
  • (7:30) Ways to find new clients on LINKEDIN.
  • (9:10) Making a connection with a potential client.
  • (10:30) Making an authentic, personal connection on LINKEDIN.
  • (11:35) What kinds of things to post and how often to post.
  • (13:15) Engaging on LINKEDIN to create a domino effect.
  • (14:45) Ways of engaging on LINKEDIN and keeping up with trends.
  • (16:30) Using hashtags on LINKEDIN.
  • (17:33) Engaging with trending posts.
  • (19:55) Reposting good content to find new audiences.
  • (22:10) Creating good video content.
  • (24:15) The buzz word on LINKEDIN is all about making connections.
  • (27:30) Changing and updating an old profile.
  • (29:00) Using a cover photo to explain who you are and what you do.
  • (29:45) Updating your headline.
  • (32:00) Delegating some of the LINKEDIN tasks.


“I like to take the avenue of starting the connection.”

“I like to use the rule of five, I typically post Monday thru Friday.”

“Hang out and engage.”

“I always say to leave your two cents.”

“There’s different people on the platform at different times, every single day.”

“Video, I still think performs better than anything else.”

“Put a profile picture that’s not you cropped out next to your best friend.” 

“LINKEDIN is ever-changing.”

“If I put out something and it helps one person, that’s going to build, and build, and build.”



Books Mentioned in this Episode:

“Chase the Lion” by Mark Batterson

“The Wife Between Us” by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

Connect with Megan Stratton:

Instagram: Megstratt


LINKEDIN: Meganstratton

PODCAST: The Unshaken Podcast


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Want to use LinkedIn to find new Clients for your business, but need a strategy? Listen to this podcast episode to discover how to find clients on LinkedIn for your online business and grow your audience. Megan Stratton has lots of great LinkedIn Marketing tips for Entrepreneurs! Repin and grab my free cheat sheet to get more leads with Pinterest! #shesmakinganimpact #pinterest #blogging #pinterest

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