Scaling w/ Artificial Intelligence and Branding (with Monica Kline): Episode 171

Monica Kline, owner of IDentity Brand Management, has 25-years experience in Branding, Marketing and PR.  She started her career in Corporate America, working in Marketing and PR for Global Fortune 500 Companies, such as Toshiba America and Canon USA. After 10-years in Corporate, she was craving something more fulfilling. Being tenacious, she began to research what her dream career would look like, she was hired as a Marketing Manager for a major “beauty brand” in Los Angeles, CA. Within her tenure at the beauty company, she worked her way from a Marketing Manager to Executive Vice President. During her time there, she would travel all over the world, where she worked on campaigns for established brands as well as international publicity campaigns.  As Monica has always strived to push herself outside of her comfort zone, in 2013, she made the decision to move from her native home of Newport Beach, California and relocate to New York City.  Shortly thereafter is when IDentity Brand Management was born.  Owning her own boutique brand management company has been a lifelong dream.  She loves to be hands on with all of her clients and has personalized each touch point she delivers, all while keeping her client list intimate so she can be involved in all aspects of her clients brands. In 2019, Monica added “course creator” to her repertoire and has a goal of impacting 10,000 small businesses with her online offerings.  Running two companies keeps Monica thinking outside the box consistently, as her mission statement is to guide other female entrepreneurs to rise above their fears, while creating a strategy, owning their magic, showing up as their authentic selves and doing soulful work, while being 100% UNAPOLOGETIC about creating a HEALTHY revenue. Creating LEGACY brands is Monica’s passion.

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  • When you have the experience and knowledge, combined with the drive, you are ready to go out on your own.
  • To be successful branding or rebranding in today’s world you need a strong and consistent social media presence and up to date technology.
  • Creating funnels and targeted ads on social media platforms are great publicity for a rebrand.
  • Small businesses often stop seeing growth because they are not using the tools available today.
  • Artificial Intelligence is more accessible than you might think.
  • If you are educated with Artificial intelligence it can be massive in changing the blue print of your company.
  • If you want to leave a legacy you should also want to work with people who share that goal.
  • It takes less money to scale a business using artificial intelligence than it used to without.
  • Your website needs to have an aesthetic but it needs to be more than just your information, it’s suppose to be a sales machine.
  • To start a brand today using SEO would not be recommended, however if you started SEO years ago and have a great ranking it makes sense to keep using SEO.
  • Click funnels are a great way to start, to then be followed up by targeted advertising.
  • Targeted advertising is incredibly specific and gives you much more for your money as opposed to outdated forms of advertising such as billboards.
  • Targeted ads are very affordable and there are a ton of educational courses out there to show you how to use them.
  • If you are seeing a return on investment when using targeted ads, continue to up your budget and scale the business.
  • You have your phone and you have social media. It’s free, USE IT.
  • Instagram is one of the top platforms, it is curated for you and a great tool for business.
  • Be authentic and be unique. Make sure that you come across as yourself. Don’t be too obsessed with the vanity metrics.
  • Don’t try to do too much too quickly, build a solid foundation before you put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to fail.
  • If something is not turning a profit it is a hobby instead of a business.
  • It may save you money to scale a little slower and spend money as you go rather than taking on massive debt in the beginning.
  • We often need to step out of our comfort zone or box of judgement and speak our minds in order to make an impact. 


  • (1:51) A little more background on Monica.
  • (4:00) Moving from California to New York and launching her own agency.
  • (5:15) Staying relevant with social media and up to date technology.
  • (6:20) Past and present methods of rebranding. 
  • (7:15) Using the modern tools available to drive growth.
  • (8:45) Explaining the affordability of implementing AI technology.
  • (10:10) Examples of AI technology used to target customers.
  • (11:45) Talking about creating a legacy brand, rather than just a one time product.
  • (14:00) Artificial intelligence being not only affordable, but also vital to scale a business.
  • (15:20) Talking about your website, it’s suppose to be a sales machine.
  • (16:00) First steps to take when starting to build a brand.
  • (17:45) Using and understanding targeted ads.
  • (19:56) Getting targeted ads up and running and what to do when they start leading to growth.
  • (22:30) Using multiple platforms and tweaking your content for each platform.
  • (25:00) How to view success on social media and use it properly.
  • (25:54) Some of the biggest mistakes on branding and social media.
  • (27:30) Investing in a business as opposed to investing in a hobby.
  • (29:15) Launching a business without going into extreme debt.
  • (32:23) What it means to Monica to make an impact.


“Every country is so different, but branding is the same across the board.”

“I’ve incorporated a lot of technology and a lot of social media into the foundation of how we build a brand and scale it today, if you don’t have those elements today, you’re pretty much irrelevant.”

“The artificial intelligence, if you’re educated and you know how to utilize it to scale, it’s massive in how it can change the blue print of your company.”

“You’re talking about under ten thousand dollars, you’re not talking hundreds of thousands of dollars which is what it used to be back in the day.” -Talking about Artificial Intelligence

“The aesthetic has to be there.” -in regards to social media

“Less is more today, so you don’t need the diverse difficult ten page website anymore.”

“It’s suppose to be a sales machine.” -Talking about your website

“It’s not just big companies anymore, we can do it!”

“Don’t be afraid to fail. I was taught that you’re not suppose to fail but you know what, it’s good for you.”

“Don’t take no for answer.”


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Everything is Figureoutable–Marie Forleo

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Scaling w/ Artificial Intelligence and Branding (with Monica Kline): Episode 171

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