Secrets to the 10-Hour Workweek (with Neill Williams) Episode 352

Neill is a Master Certified Life and Time Coach through The Life Coach School, host of The Unbusy Your Life podcast ( and creator of the $10K in 10 Hours Mastermind.  Only after ditching her own belief that success was measured by the number of hours worked was Neill about to achieve true lifestyle freedom while juggling her roles as a mom, wife, Master Certified Coach, entrepreneur and employee.  Now, she helps too busy high-achieving online entrepreneurs and side hustlers make the money they desire without sacrificing their time or lifestyle freedom.

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  • Neill says she was a corporate breadwinner for her family and she really hacked how to be an entrepreneur in 10 hours per week while working her corporate job. Now she teaches it to others.
  • You have to decide what is the best amount of time for you in your job. It really depends. But when you have less hours to work, you let the busy work go. When you limit yourself to a goal of hours, you get rid of the junk and focus on the needle-movers.
  • Employee time vs. Entrepreneur time: Neill says there will be time where you have to work the tasks of the employee and time you need to be the entrepreneur, the creator. Giving yourself time for both is key.
  • Neill says her number one productivity hack is to plan ahead. If you have the 10 hours, plan what you’re creating and hope to complete in those 10 hours. You’re using a higher quality part of your brain when you make those plans ahead of time rather than on the spot. Challenge yourself to make quick decisions and plan that work week ahead of time. This makes it so much easier when you sit down at your desk.
  • Your brain dump: you should make a list of all the things you are going to complete that week. Then transfer that into your calendar or planner. Then your brain settles down and allows you to focus only on the current week.
  • Neill says she sees so many people struggle with time being associated with money and success. She sees a lot of people that think that if they work more, they’ll magically have more money. But this is a trap! We have to retrain ourselves to know that isn’t true.
  • Think of your time in 2 ways:
    • 1. Getting things done
    • 2. Results
  • Neill says that you don’t always have to sit down and do busy work. When you sit down, have a goal and the end goal in mind for the next hour of work. Break it down into what’s getting DONE. And add it to your done list.
  • Neill says high energy music and playlists help her. It’s all about creating internal energy.
  • What do you want to focus your brain on?
  • Neill says that we’re all human and there are so many distractions: fb, instagram, scrolling, etc. Neill says to set parameters around it. She also says don’t let excuses like, ‘I don’t feel like it,’ get you out of doing what you committed to. Give yourself 5 minutes after you accomplish something and then use it as a reward.
  • Become the person who does what you say you’re going to do. It’s challenging at the beginning, but you can work through it. It’s a skill. Teach yourself to follow through and show up for yourself! Don’t negotiate with yourself, just do it!
  • 2 things you can do right now to be more productive:
    • 1. Plan ahead.
    • 2. Practice the skill of following through on the plan you created for yourself.
  • Neill brings up how her goal is 50 failures for the year. The more you fail, the more success you’ll have. So her goal IS FAILURE! I love it. It doesn’t mean anything if you fail. If anything, it means you’re closer to success.
  • “I’ve been very unattached to the results and more committed to trying things and it’s doubled my business.”


  • (1:18) A little more about Neill and how she got started teaching the 10 hour work week.
  • (2:22) What is an “unbusy entrepreneur” and how do you become one?
  • (3:21) What should you do in your 10 hour work week?
  • (4:02) Employee time vs. Entrepreneur time.
  • (5:01) Neill’s productivity strategies.
  • (6:22) The power of a brain dump.
  • (7:35) Mindset shifts to be more productive.
  • (8:50) It’s not time that matters, it’s what you do with that time.
  • (11:49) Core things to do with your 10 hours.
  • (13:30) The completion mentality.
  • (14:48) Tools that Neill uses for productivity.
  • (15:05) Internal energy and how your productivity comes from within.
  • (15:20) Distractions when trying to be productive and how Neill holds herself accountable.
  • (17:20) Become the person who does what you say you’re going to do.
  • (19:10) 1-2 action steps to take to see more productivity results.
  • (20:42) To the person who’s not following through….
  • (22:45) One of the best books Neill has read.
  • (23:40) 50 fails
  • (27:30) What it means to Neill to make an impact.
  • (28:05) Where to connect with Neill Williams.


Plan ahead of time.”

“Get out of your brain at least once a week of all the things you have to get out.”

“There isn’t more time for you to pull from for you to create that additional level of success.”

“It isn’t time that maters, it’s what you’re creating in the time you decide to work.”

“You want each one of your hours to have a job that gets completed.”

“Become the person who does what you say you’re going to do.”

“Don’t negotiate with yourself.”

“I’ve been very unattached to the results and more committed to trying things and it’s doubled my business.” 



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Books Mentioned in this episode:

The Last Word on Power by Tracy Goss

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Secrets to the 10-Hour Workweek (with Neill Williams) Episode 352

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