Infusing Purpose in Your Business (with Quinn Tempest): Episode 182

Quinn Tempest is a creative entrepreneur and speaker based out of Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. You can usually find her sipping on tea lattes at local coffee shops, riding her bike around town, or twirling in front of colorful murals! Quinn helps entrepreneurs and small business owners uncover their unique purpose and bring it to life in everything they do in their business - both online and off. Quinn has recently founded Create Your Purpose, a philosophy, mindset, and a membership community made up of like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to living their lives and building their businesses on purpose and with purpose. She even developed a quiz to help people uncover their purpose, and it's been taken over 1200 times since July! Her professional expertise is in branding and holistic digital marketing strategy, and is a frequent speaker and workshop leader at conferences and organizations around the country.

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  • Focusing on surface level problems can take away from fulfilling your purpose.
  • Our purpose does not reach out and find us. You not only find your purpose but you decide what it is and then go out and build it.
  • You are the leader in your own life and you direct the current of where you want your life to go next.
  • Quinn put together a quiz made up of 12 questions that help show you how to figure out your “purpose profile” based off of your overarching drive such as Leader, Creator, Change Maker etc.
  • Rachel’s quiz result lined up with the feedback she has gotten from clients and close friends over the years, sometimes other people can see the truth clearer than we can.
  • When you decide on your purpose you can start creating it, the more intentional you become.
  • Figuring out your purpose leads to reflection, look backwards, but then look forwards and ask yourself “what do I want to create?”
  • Declaring your purpose is coming up with a mantra like statement that you can hold opportunities up to and ask “does this help move me toward my purpose?”
  • Once you have your purpose you need to take inventory of everything you have going on in your life and ask “what do I need, and what do I need to get rid of in order to create more alignment with my purpose?”
  • Often times we are most effective doing things that we enjoy. Understanding your purpose and working towards it will energize you far more than working towards something you don’t care about.
  • We need to plan ahead in ways we were never taught to be able to have both a great business and a great family life. Know what you need in order to do both and decide where you want to spend your time and energy.
  • A purpose has to be married with a plan, many dreams often die because there is no plan of action to go along with them.
  • It takes a lot of work to get to a stage in your business where you are able to pull back and enjoy it.
  • So often we get in our own way, being worried about not getting it right, or holding ourselves back by not even trying anything because we’re scared of failing.
  • Narrowing your professional purpose allows for a deeper enjoyment of life through your work and accomplishments.
  • Empowering other people and helping them transform into a purpose driven entrepreneur is what drives Quinn.



  • (1:35) A little more about Quinn and her background.
  • (3:30) Finding your purpose vs deciding what is right for you.
  • (5:45) Quinn’s Purpose Quiz.
  • (7:45) Rachel’s results and valuing the opinions of people you trust.
  • (9:50) Harnessing your purpose and implementing the quiz results.
  • (11:50) Declaring your purpose and creating a “why?”
  • (14:00) Giving the most of yourself to what gives you the most in return.
  • (15:45) Setting up your business to align with the personal things that you want.
  • (18:00) Clarifying and strategizing stages.
  • (20:00) Stage of empowerment and making an impact.
  • (22:48) Different ways that we hold ourselves back.
  • (23:50) Narrowing your purpose both personal and professional.
  • (24:45) What it means to make an impact.



“Surviving is not the same as thriving.”

“Sometimes other people can see the truth of us clearer than we can.”

“Look backwards, but then look forward.”

“Purpose is part personal, part professional.”

“There is power in community.”

“Move from powerless to purposeful.”

“You don’t find your purpose, you create it. You have the power to dig deep into who you are.”



Connect with Quinn Tempest: 

Instagram: @Quinn.tempest



Books Mentioned in this Episode: 

“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert

“Life Entrepreneurs” by Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek

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