Simple SEO Hacks You’re Not Doing (with Sharon McCaskill): Episode 281

Sharon McCaskill is the founder of SEO with Sharon where she helps busy bloggers capture traffic and leads from search engines with done-for-you SEO services. Sharon used the power of SEO to grow her food blog, and is passionate about helping other business owners do the same. In this episode she shares her hacks on how to crush SEO so you can uplevel your business, and start rankin on Google!

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  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Sharon says that 70-75% of people, when they have a question, they use a search engine to find their answer. She says this is a big opportunity to be at the top of search engines and really climb your business without even having to post every day.
  • Sharon says the type of content that ranks best on Google are Q&A style posts. Other kinds are How-Tos, List posts (the 7 blank, the top 3 blank), or Review posts.
  • Where to do keyword research:
    • Google: type in keywords in the search bar and see what comes up, what keywords are coming up and what people are asking about.
    • Keywords Everywhere: A chrome extension to help with keywords (free option and cheap paid option)
  • Sharon says to target keywords with 300-400 searches a month, that’s what you should write on! Try to find a high search volume topic, with low competition.
  • When you’re writing a blog post, use headings strategically
    • Use H1 heading (title) only once
    • Use H2 and H3 headings to make your points! (Keep it skimmable.)
    • Use your keywords as often as you need as you would speak, but use synonyms in your writings, and vary your words so that whatever the search is, you are ranking!
  • “Think of what people might type into Google.” Sharon says you want to reach people with their own language. Use all kinds of terms people might search into your post. So if someone was searching cell phone cases, use all different variations within your text:
    • The top cell phone case
    • Top selling cell phone cases
  • “Write better content than your competition.” Don’t copy your competitions posts, but use it as a platform on what to improve upon. Revisit your content after it’s published and go in and add new keywords, update it over time. Look into what keywords you are ranking for to keep getting into that ranking position.
  • One key for images is to change the name of the photo file to something relevant to the image. Then change the keywords of the description to your keywords. Then change the description in your media library. You want your images to be BELOW THE SCROLL! People are landing on your content to read your information, not look at pictures.
  • WordPress is what Sharon recommends! She says it’s so user friendly, fast, and has so many plugins (she recommends image compressed and YOAST) that make it easy to use and easy for SEO. Sharon says WordPress is her first choice, Squarespace is her second choice.
  • Examples of blog posts that have ranked for us: (the more specific the better!)
    • Gluten Free Lasagna with Hidden Veggies
    • How To Use Keywords on Pinterest
    • Endomorph Diet Plan For Beginners
  • Sharon says that the keywords you use on your blog posts for Google SEO, you might have to edit for platforms on youtube, Pinterest, podcasts. People are more so going on youtube for entertainment, less of “How to” type searches which is 75% of google searches. She says to tweak these keywords so you can repurpose content and rank on these different sites.


  • (1:51) A little more about Sharon and how she got started with SEO!
  • (2:49) What is SEO and what are the biggest benefits?
  • (3:53) What kind of content ranks well on google?
  • (4:30) Where Sharon does keyword research to see what she should use in a post.
  • (5:57) What Sharon looks for with search volume.
  • (7:31) Things to keep in mind when writing a blog post.
  • (8:44) How to use keywords within your writing!
  • (10:50) How long should your blog posts be?
  • (11:59) How to outrank your competition?
  • (14:01) What images to use in your blog posts?
  • (16:19) WordPress vs. other hosts.
  • (18:51) What are the biggest mistakes Sharon sees people making with SEO?
  • (21:16) Can you use the same keywords on Youtube, Pinterest, Podcasts that you would use on Google?
  • (24:13) One of the best books Sharon’s read?
  • (24:44) What does it mean to Sharon to make an impact?
  • (24:58) Where to connect with Sharon?


“Keep your posts skimmable.”

“Think of what people might type into Google.”

“Write better content than your competition.”

“You can really become an authority in your lane.”

“You have content that you can repurpose on a website. By doing it the right way, you can really get Google traffic.”


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Books mentioned in the episode:

You’re a Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

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Simple SEO Hacks You\'re Not Doing (with Sharon McCaskill): Episode 281

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