Secrets to Public Speaking WITHOUT Fear (with Victoria Lioznyansky): Episode 280

Join me and Victoria as we chat about how to overcome the fear of public speaking! Victoria Lioznyansky teaches introverted entrepreneurs and business professionals how to overcome their fear of public speaking and become confident, compelling, captivating speakers. Taking her own experiences going from scared to sought-after speaker, Victoria founded Brilliant Speakers Academy®, an online public speaking coaching program. She also owns Nutty Scientists of Houston, a passion project about inspiring kids to fall in love with science.

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  • Victoria says that she had to learn who her audience was and how to build an unshakeable confidence about her so she could step up and speak without fear. Once she started doing this, people would come up to her after trainings and ask her about her secrets.
  • Public speaking is a skill. Victoria shares that if you try bandaid solutions, how to “appear” confident, then you won’t actually be comfortable. You have to step into that role of public speaking and actually build the skill.
  • Victoria says that you don’t want to pretend to be someone else when you’re in front of an audience, instead build your confidence. You are already enough, you just have to believe in it yourself.
  • The biggest thing you have to remember when you’re speaking in front of an audience: shift the focus away from you and put it on your audience.
    • How do you want to make your audience feel?
    • What can you say to make them feel that way?
  • It’s not about you, it’s about them. You are a giver, not a receiver.
  • When you focus on benefiting your audience, your brain focuses on that, not the nerves.
  • Victoria says that people have to remember that there is an audience for every single person. Get rid of the nerves by realizing that people are listening to you because they are attracted to you. Where you are is enough, who you are is enough. Don’t lose your ideal clients trying to be someone you’re not.
  • If you think there are already too many people in your niche: you’re different. You are unique. Victoria reminds us that every message you have will resonate differently with your audience. No one is you. There are enough people and clients for all of us and you don’t need to invent something different. You are you and that is different enough to create a killer business.
  • Victoria shares that she is a big believer in practicing the right things. But if you keep practicing doing something scared, you will build the habit of being scared. If you’re doing something wrong, all you’re creating is a habit of doing it wrong. Instead, learn how to knock those fears out, learn how to do it the right way, and then begin practicing.
  • Steps for a successful livestream:
    • Determine who you’re speaking to
    • Ask yourself how you want to make them feel
    • Write out bullet points of what you want to say (4-5)
    • For each bullet point, add a story
    • Don’t look at comments while you speak
  • When you’re starting a live, Victoria recommends grabbing people’s attention. Answer their question of, what’s in it for them!
  • Ideas of how to start your livestream:
    • Start with a question, “How many of you…”
    • Or start with a statistic, “Did you guys know…”
    • Start with a story: your personal story, a client story, etc.
  • Don’t treat your livestreams as a presentation or a lecture! You want to have a conversation with your audience!
  • Turn on your confident switch! Victoria doesn’t have a routine, she’s made it a habit that every time the camera turns on, she’s in the mindset of a confident, passionate, giving person who’s speaking to her audience!
  • If you’re nervous before public speaking: Taking deep breaths help nerves. It helps to slow down your heart rate. Then smile and this will help our muscle memory.


  • (1:54) A little more about Victoria and how she got started as a public speaking coach.
  • (5:25) Victoria’s top tips on how she became a comfortable public speaker!
  • (8:04) The one shift you have to make when you’re speaking in front of an audience.
  • (10:50) How to get rid of the nerves.
  • (12:09) Some mistakes Victoria sees people making when public speaking.
  • (15:03) What to do if you think there’s already too many people in your niche.
  • (17:35) Does practice make perfect?
  • (20:23) How to successfully plan what to say in a livestream.
  • (23:13) What not to do during your live.
  • (25:35) How to start a livestream and grab people’s attention right away.
  • (29:46) Victoria’s routines or rituals before public speaking.
  • (31:40) Tips to help nerves for right before you speak.
  • (32:26) One of the best books Victoria has read.
  • (33:35) What does it mean to Victoria to make an impact?
  • (34:50) Where you can connect with Victoria Lioznyansky.


“If you focus on faking it….it’s not going to work. What you want to focus on is how to truly become confident in front of a camera.”

“You are already enough, you don’t need to fake it.”

“You can’t go into that mindset of who am I.”

“It’s not about you, it’s about them. You are a giver, not a receiver.”

“There is an audience for every single person.”

“When you are scared of being in front of an audience, you tend to forget.”

“Be in the zone of a giver.”

“Don’t treat your livestreams as a presentation.”

“My goal was always not to appear confident, my goal was always to feel confident.”


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Brilliant Speakers Accelerated Program

Books mentioned in the episode:

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

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Secrets to Public Speaking WITHOUT Fear (with Victoria Lioznyansky): Episode 280

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