His Words Generated over $700,000,000-Here’s How (with Stefan Georgi): Episode 151

Stefan Paul Georgi is a direct response marketer and entrepreneur who’s sold over $500 million worth of products online.  He currently lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife and daughter. And he can easily be touted as one of the best direct response copywriters on the planet with his implementation of Emotional Response Marketing.  Today, he owns multiple companies and employs more than 30 people. In April 2018, Stefan finished his first ever live copywriting event. It was held at the Wynn in Las Vegas and over 50+ world-class entrepreneurs gathered together to hear Stefan’s proven copywriting process and to share strategies and best practices. In his spare time, Stefan enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction, traveling, and spending time with his family. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he also enjoys writing for fun. He wrote his first novel while still in college.

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  • Stefan said it’s not about being transactional, it’s easier to profit long term if you build a connection with your audience. Emotional response marketing is all about creating a connection that builds ties and then when you do direct response marketing, it will result in more sales.
  • He shares how he doesn’t just let anyone on his email list. “If I’m going to give so much to you, you have to give a little bit back to me.” He believes that if someone can’t share why they hope to be on your list and seem like they’d be interested, then they probably won’t be interested in your emails and will make your open rate go down.
  • Every email includes lessons and stories, not just pitching a product or ticket. You want to make sure that your emails are more personable–going back to what Stefan says–make that connection with your audience.
  • “Curiosity wins all the time.” If you want more people to open your emails, you want to make sure that the subject line draws people in; gets them curious; and isn’t too formal, making sure that the email matches that subject line. Stefan says that you want curiosity and you want people to feel like they want to KEEP reading.
  • Brain dump!! You want to make sure that if you struggle with writing and consistent blog topics, that you have a spreadsheet or google doc that you can go to every now and then and just write out potential ideas. So when it comes time to have to write a blog, you have a list of things to write about.
  • Stefan’s top advice for writing a good headline:
    • Be specific.
    • Time frame for results.
    • Curiosity.
  • Stefan says that you can’t be an expert at everything. In order to really move the needle, he says you have to separate businesses into whether you are the leader of the business or just an investor. If you are the leader, you have to take the reins.
  • Look for opportunities that have a lot of leverage. Stefan said one of his  business partners only needs help with the copy and he gets 50% of this business. Don’t waste your time with every opportunity in business, you have to be passionate about it and make sure that your time is worth the outcome.
  • Stefan said one big mistake he learned early on as an entrepreneur is trying to do too many things at once. He said, “I learned that lesson when I was 19. Then I forgot it when I was 32 and had to relearn it. Last year I’ve been hyper-aware of the power of focus, and it has paid dividends.”
  • Stefan’s words of wisdom are to focus on being the absolute best at something, whatever it is you want to do. “The process dictates results.” So the money and fame and fortune comes after that process. If you are the best at something, the rest will follow!! You’ve got this.


  • (1:55) A little more about Stefan Georgi.
  • (3:37) How he went from not knowing what copy-writing was, to where he is now.
  • (6:02) What is emotional response marketing?
  • (8:11) An example of emotional response marketing.
  • (11:00) Having people apply to be on his email list–why it works.
  • (15:05) Stefan’s ratio for Value Ad emails he sends vs. Sales emails.
  • (16:28) What are tips for creating subject lines that get people to actually open your emails?
  • (18:38) If you struggle with writing, how can you become a better copywriter?
  • (21:30) Good book recommendations about copy.
  • (22:09) How to write a good headline to capture peoples attention.
  • (24:35) Stefan helps me pick my email headline.
  • (26:10) Stefan has multiple businesses–how does he pick one to focus on?
  • (30:44) What is Stefan’s superpower?
  • (31:42) What are some mistakes Stefan’s made over his years of being an entrepreneur?
  • (33:50) Why you should test your ideas.
  • (35:59) What does it mean to Stefan to make an impact?
  • (37:50) Where you can connect with Stefan.


“If I’m going to give so much to you, you have to give a little bit back to me.”

“Curiosity wins all the time.”

“For anything you’re doing, just focus on being the absolute best in whatever you do.”

“The process dictates results.”


Connect with Stefan Georgi:

Website: stefanpaulgeorgi.com

Facebook: Stefan Georgi

Subscribe to His List: stefanpaulgeorgi.com

Books Mentioned In This Episode:

The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach: Tony Flores

Watch Full Interview:

Stefan Paul Georgi is a direct response marketer and entrepreneur who’s sold over $500 million worth of products online. He has a proven copywriting process and loves to share his strategies and best practices. Click to tune into this episode on She's Making An Impact. Repin and grab my free pinterest cheat sheet! #pinterestmarketing #socialmediamarketing #pinteresttips
His Words Generated over $700,000,000-Here\'s How (with Stefan Georgi): Episode 151

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