INSTAGRAM Growth Hacks (with Lauren Komorowski): Episode 153

Lauren is a High School English, speech and theater teacher, and has worked for the past 8 years building public speaking and writing skills with her students and with women in the direct sales/network marketing business. I’m her first network marketing company, she quickly learned there had to be a better way to market, outside of what her direct sales company was telling her to do. After falling flat on her face and quitting two months in, she swore off sales until two years ago, when she joined a team of business building leaders who were crushing it in their recruiting business, but flailing in sales and marketing. Lauren quickly took up the reins as a copy writing trainer, in exchange for their expertise in other parts of business she wasn’t finding success in. She is now a leader in her company, her team is poised to hit 6 figures in team sales this year, and she is part of the number 3 sales team in her company; her success is partly owed to the changes she made in writing her posts. Making simple changes in the way women present their content has been business changing, and Lauren is so excited to share her expertise with you! You can find her at, and you can save your spot in her next webinar, where she will teach you three quick shifts to make massive impact in writing marketing copy, by going to

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  • One huge thing Lauren mentions is that it’s easy to get caught up in the frustrations of Instagram changing–the algorithm, people not seeing your posts as much, not getting as many likes as before, etc. But she says to remember that it is a FREE platform that gives you so much exposure. You have to pay for google, youtube, etc. but you can be so personable and use your profile for people to really get to know you. So remember that in the midst of all the changes. If ONE PERSON sees your posts and connects with you because of it, it’s worth it because you didn’t have to pay a dime.
  • Lauren’s keys to growth on Instagram: Consistency! She says be consistent on showing up. Do interactive things on your feed, your story, etc. Create a library of knowledge.
  • She shares that as an entrepreneur you should have 10-15 posts a week. Keep peoples eyes on you, without feeling spammy. If you don’t have a post every 24 hours your stuff is not being seen.
  • Lauren says that you have to think of your ideal clients when you’re deciding when to post. Think of when your ideal client would be available to open their phone to see it.
  • Find your niche and add MASSIVE VALUE. Continue to show up and let people get to know you. Lauren says that using hashtags in your story and profile will give you a wider reach. Show up every day, provide value, stay in  peoples’ minds, and the follows will “follow” (no pun intended).
  • Instagram Bio–You need to be direct in your bio. Say who you are, what you do, and a call to action to your link! Don’t confuse your audience, draw them in.
  • Captions should tell a personal story, and have a call to action! Captions are a huuuuge way for people to see your story, connect with you, and drive people to your site. Don’t waste the opportunity to connect.


  • (1:35) A little more about Lauren.
  • (1:57) Why she loves Instagram as a platform for business?
  • (2:51) Laurens biggest keys to growth on Instagram.
  • (4:31) How often should you post?
  • (5:21) What is the BEST time to post?
  • (6:33) How do you get people to follow you?
  • (7:50) The value of tracking your ideal clients.
  • (9:01) Tricks on how to organically reach out to potential clients through direct messaging on Instagram.
  • (13:45) How often should you go live on Instagram?
  • (14:59) IGTV–how often should you upload a video to IGTV?
  • (16:19) What happened to Lauren’s account–going from 20k followers to 0.
  • (18:30) What you need in your Instagram bio??
  • (21:30) Captions on Instagram–how to build a relationship through captions.
  • (23:34) Apps Lauren uses.
  • (26:04) Using Tailwind for Instagram!! (You have to try this!)
  • (28:18) Lauren’s workshop:


“You turn all these cold leads into warm personable people.”

“If you don’t have a post every 24 hours, your stuff is not being seen.”

“The magic happens in the direct message.”

“Clear is better than clever.”

“Go outside your comfort zone: do something you’ve never done to get a result you’ve never had.”


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Lauren mentions is that it’s easy to get caught up in the frustrations of Instagram changing–the algorithm.. it is a FREE platform that gives you so much exposure. Lauren has lots of great growth hacks for your business to grow on Instagram. Click to tune into this episode on She's Making An Impact. Repin and grab my free pinterest cheat sheet! #pinterestmarketing #socialmediamarketing #pinteresttips
INSTAGRAM Growth Hacks (with Lauren Komorowski): Episode 153

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