The TOP 18 Lessons I’ve Learned From Tony Robbins: Episode 250

In this episode, I'm sharing the top 18 lessons I've learned from Tony Robbins. I started off wanting to share the top 5, but my list kept growing and growing. He has inspired so many people, and there are so many lessons I've learned from attending his live events and working with his coaches, that I wanted to make an episode dedicated to all those takeaways! Hope you enjoy!
In this episode, I'm sharing the top 18 lessons I've learned from Tony Robbins. I started off wanting to share the top 5, but my list kept growing and growing. He has inspired so many people, and there are so many lessons I've learned from attending his live events and working with his coaches, that I wanted to make an episode dedicated to all those takeaways! Hope you enjoy!

Lesson #1: The 6 Human Needs


The 6 Human Needs are:

  1. Significance
  2. Variety
  3. Certainty
  4. Growth
  5. Love
  6. Connection

We are all driven by these needs differently. Once we are aware of what they are, we can figure out which ones are lacking in our lives and which ones we need to fill up for ourselves to feel whole. Once I learned about these needs, I was really able to shift the parts in my life that I needed more of and it helped tremendously.


Lesson #2: Master Your State


Your state is everything.

I’m always on a bouncing ball or at a standing desk. If you’re in a depressed state, hunched over, working nonstop, you probably need to change your state.

I do this by doing a workout, going for a walk, etc. Doing this will instantly change your state and reset you in those moments of negativity!


Lesson #3: Polarity and Relationships


At Date with  Destiny Tony spends an entire day talking about relationships.

He talks about masculine and feminine energy, and how you need to have a balance of both! I realized that I’m so driven in my business, and that often times in my relationships, I project masculine energy. And being aware of this, I try more often now to bring that balance of both, and doing those feminine things as well!


Lesson #4: Ask a Better Question


So often we ask questions that are disempowering.

One example is asking yourself, “Why is this so hard?” Which will lead to so many negative thoughts like why can’t you get this done- if it is this hard, maybe I can’t do it. Instead, switch it to “How can I make this easy?”

Instead of asking “How can I loose weight?” ask what you can do today to bring myself more energy and be healthy.

Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” Ask “What’s good about this?” Or “What else could this mean?”


Lesson #5: Watch Your Language


“Life and death is the power of the tongue”

Your words have power!

Tony uses the example of 3 guys who had something happen not so good happen in their business

Man 1 says “I’m pretty upset”

Man 2 says “I’m Enraged!!!”

Man 3 says “I’m a little peeved”

Just by the words you use, you shift your entire situation! If you get super angry at a situation, it will change your entire physical and mental state. So watch what you say and how you let it effect you.


Lesson #6: Get Resourceful


Tony says, “It’s not the lack of resources that keeps us stuck, it’s a lack of our resourcefulness”

So many people start with nothing!! Successful people don’t always have unlimited resources, they just use what they have, keep getting resourceful and reinventing themselves UNTIL they have the success they want. Don’t stop when things get hard, and don’t give up.


Lesson #7: The Success of the Business is Dependent on the Phycology of It’s Owner


As the business owner you have to focus on your personal growth!

Things I do to shift my thinking and develop my personal growth:

-Attend events

-Heartcore Leadership program


-Reading personal development


Lesson #8: Give Beyond Scarcity


Tony gives an example of giving beyond scarcity!

He told a story about when he had $20 to his name and he was headed to an all you can eat buffet and saw a little boy taking his mom out to lunch. He decided to pay for it, so the boy could treat his mom. This meant he couldn’t go out to eat himself but he didn’t fear. “He skipped home.” A few weeks later he received a check in the mail for $1,000.

A similar thing happened to me and my husband back in 2012. He lost his job, and I was in grad school. When this happened instead of freaking out, we asked how we could give. We sponsored a baby with Compassion International the day he lost his job. Give beyond scarcity.


Lesson #9: If You Want To Take The Island, You Gotta Bring Your Boats


I didn’t have secure income, which meant I didn’t have a safety net. There was nothing to fall back on so I went ALL IN to my business.

Sometimes we have to get rid of that safety net so we can take big risks to actually see the success we want!


Lesson #10: You Don’t Need A Degree To Change The World


Tony Robbins never went to college. He is a perfect example that sometimes we spend too much time focused on certifications, and all that stuff. If you want to make an impact and crush it with your business, you don’t need a degree. You need to get out there and START.


Lesson #11: Blame for the Good and the Bad


If you’re going to blame people for the bad things, you also have to blame them for the good too. Tony gives the example that he can blame his mom for some stuff she’s done, beating him etc. But he says that because of the way he was treated, he’s the man he is now.

So blame for the good too.


Lesson #12:  Get Better Problems.


The quality of your life is the quality of your problems.

You want to think of the problems you have. You want quality problems!

When I launched my ebook, my website crashed. And people were emailing me hey your website is down I’m trying to buy! And I remember thinking THIS is a quality problem. So don’t settle for stuck in traffic- change your life and the quality of your life will match the quality of your problems.


Lesson #13: Repetition is the Mother Of Skill


Tony attended the same seminar by Jim Rohn over and over again.

This is how you grow. If you listen to something once, you will miss things! But if you re-listen, and go over and watch things that have inspired you in the past, you will find that you learn more from it every single time.


Lesson #14: Seek and Ye Shall Find!


If you’re looking for something negative, you’re going to find it.

That being said if you look for the positive in things, and seek out good things happening to you, you will find that! So be aware of what you are searching for, and what inevitably you will find.


Lesson #15: Turn Your Expectations into Appreciation


If our expectations don’t get met, we get disappointed and upset. But if instead of expecting things, we appreciate them, we your life will change instantly.


Lesson #16: Commit to Living In A Beautiful State


Change your focus, change your state (like we talked about) and CHOOSE to live in a beautiful state.

Be intentional about being joyful everyday. About finding the good in situations, and about having fun every day.

If you do this, and truly commit to these things, you will in turn live in a beautiful state.


Lesson #17: Focus on Gratitude


There are things all around you that you can choose to focus on and be grateful for.

Think about these things every day:

-It’s a beautiful day

-I have food in my belly

-I have a home

-I’m warm

-I’m safe

-I have clean water

We live in an age where it’s all go go go that sometimes we forget to be thankful for the simple things that so many people have to live without. Focus on gratitude.


Lesson #18: Life is Happening FOR You, Not TO You.


It’s so easy to thing “Why is this happening to me!!”

Don’t think that life is happening TO you. It is happening for you, and just because something doesn’t go your way doesn’t mean everything else won’t. Shift that focus and you will see just how much good it can do.

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The TOP 18 Lessons I\'ve Learned From Tony Robbins: Episode 250

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