How to Create a Winning Gameplan for 2021: Episode 252

Planning out your 2021!!!! Such a great convo here--now take massive action!
Planning out your 2021!!!! Such a great convo here--now take massive action!


  • A year is a long time! Start by thinking of your big goal, then chunk its down! So look at a year from now where you want to be, then say alright, first quarter of 2021 this is where you want to be! Take it quarter by quarter and set goals as you go.
  • I’ll know I was successful in 2021 when ________________ happens. What is that thing for you?
  • Plan out where you want to be in your business in each different area of your life:
    • Health and fitness wise
    • In your business
    • Relationships
    • With your ability to give
  • If you put all your effort into one spect in your life, the other ones will lack. You can NOT put 100% of your energy into your business. If you do, your relationships, health, etc will suffer. It’s all about putting energy in all of those and setting goals for each!
  • When creating your visions and goals, use phrases like “or more” or “at least” so you’re not ever limiting the amount of impact you can have on people!
  • If you felt anxiety and stress in 2020, ask yourself questions about how you can create joy, passion, connection intentionally in 2021? What does that look like? And be intentional about it!
  • Next you want to ask yourself what this next level of success requires from you. Maybe it’s a mentor, maybe it’s a coach, maybe it’s waking up early. Make a brain dump and figure out what it will take from you to be able to show up and make these visions a reality!
  • Where do you need to step up:
    • Do you need to step up with working out for your health?
    • Do you need to step up by asking for support?
    • Do you need to step up by creating more content?
    • Do you need to step up by hiring a babysitter?
  • There is a difference between wanting something, and committing to it. Watch your language. Don’t just say you want something, but create a plan and a schedule and take action on it! That makes it more than just a want, but a commitment.
  • Once you have your big goal, then you have to reverse engineer it! Maybe it’s joining Activate, hiring a virtual assistant, making a move, etc. Think backwards from there- take your big goal and break it down into smaller, specific, manageable goals. Do a brain dump and list out all these little steps that will make it happen, and start devoting hours to those tasks! Get crystal clear.
  • Reminder: You don’t need to be working 24/7 to have a great and successful business
  • Starting a blog is simple- purchase a domain, pick a layout, and set it up so you can start posting regularly, and people can hire you and know who you are from visiting your site.
  • Planning out your calendar for 2021 (all calendar, google calendar etc):
    • Put in your family time first! Look at the year and block out that vacation and family time whether that’s a month out of the year, 3 days a week, 2 weeks a month- whatever it is, plan it out! Don’t wait to do that till the end- start with it because it’s a priority.
    • Plan out your launches for your business.
    • Plan out your workouts and your day.
    • Plan when you make your content creation/ podcast.
    • Plan out what conferences will you attend.


  • (2:14) Where do you want to be at the end of 2021?
  • (3:05) You can have a wildly successful business and be a mom!
  • (4:27) The different areas of success in your life.
  • (5:20) Talking to the listeners about their specific goals.
  • (7:10) How can you get even more specific with your vision?
  • (7:50) Shift your language when creating your goals.
  • (9:08) What will you commit to showing up as in 2021?
  • (10:17) What does this new life for 2021 require from you?
  • (13:03) What skills do you need to work on mastering,
  • (13:22) Where can you step up?
  • (16:40) The difference between wanting something, and committing to it.
  • (18:15) How tot reverse engineer your big goal.
  • (20:58) How to start out a blog.
  • (22:01) Planning out your calendar.
  • (25:30) A quick visualization.


“The moment you make a decision your life can change”

“I’ve learned from experience that you can have the great 6 figure business, but your health is suffering”

“When you get out of your own head, abundance is all around you”

“Start beyond scarcity”

“Your time is valuable”

“You don’t need to be working 24/7 to have a great and successful business”

“This is the year”


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Books mentioned int the episode:

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran

Intentional Living by John Maxwell

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell

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How to Create a Winning Gameplan for 2021: Episode 252

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