How to Create a Magnetic Brand and Visibility Strategy (with Trish Taylor)

Trish Taylor is a stylist and a brand embodiment coach who is committed to helping heart-centered, online entrepreneurs align their outside with their inside so they can create magnetizing content and feel worthy of their expertise. She leverages her unique experiences as a celebrity stylist and counselor to empower and equip purpose-driven entrepreneurs and mindful course creators with the mindset shifts AND stylish tools (think: a be-YOU-tiful- bomber!) they need to step into the most confident version of themselves.

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  • Trish says that we’re being told to create authentic content, but if you’re so caught up in all the strategy, you can get lost. If you start measuring your success vs. who you want to be, you can often start to feel unworthy.
  • Use the little pieces of who you are to build your brand.
  • Trish shares that she was so stuck trying to do it someone else’s way, that she built a business that she didn’t really love. She had to break it apart and figure out what success really meant to her and rebuild from there.
  • Aligned visibility is getting clear on who you are in your space and who are you talking to. Trish says that it’s infusing your business with the things that actually matter. It’s focusing in on the communities who really want to hear who you are and what you have to say–scaling your audience to the right audience.
  • Trish talks about how you are an aspiration for your ideal clients. You are a magnet for people who are attracted to your life. you are the pot of gold for the people who want to get to the other side of your rainbow.
  • Embodying your brand: Trish says that the best way to visually attract people in is to take photos in clothes, colors and areas that are very on brand to you.
  • “Your personal brand really does get to be personal–you can’t do it wrong.”
  • Defining and embodying your brand:
    • Figure out how you want to serve someone
    • Figure out what you want to say with your brand
    • Define who that person is that you want to work with
    • Begin to infuse your message across your platforms
    • Show up authentically
    • Wear the colors and patterns you like
    • Show people the behind the scenes of your world
  • Trish says to come up with an adjective to define what your brand is. Write a list of some words that you want to come to mind when people see you or your brand.
  • Creating a signature look: Trish shares that not everyone needs to be all dressed up. You really just need to be YOU. Then you will attract your people. Ask how you want to be seen–then you can create a Pinterest board and just pin what you like. With no judgement. Get rid of the clothes that we don’t feel good in–and start to fill up your closet with things that you love!
  • Trish’s Batch Wardrobe method: Creating 6 months worth of content in 6 outfits or less: supporting how we want to bee seen visually, with these content categories:
    • Use your content categories from the adjectives you picked out and then you pair an outfit that coincides with your message for that photoshoot. Trish used the example of mindfulness, gratitude: one of the things she posts about often. She would pair a t-shirt  that says “Gratitude” or something like that with an outfit for these photos, change it up with a sweater, or hat in some of them, and take photos in natural light, or of her journaling, to create the mood of what these posts will be talking about.
    • Doing this allows you to create batched content that is cohesive, and able to be used across all your platforms–socials, your website, webinar, etc.
  • Building confidence, Trish says, is really just loving yourself through the different steps that you take. Trish talks about how she struggled feeling confident in her own skin in the past. But this was something she really had to overcome, especially as she started growing on social media. But she shares that you have to ask yourself what will help you build that confidence: maybe it’s creating that style and wearing clothes you feel confident in, maybe it’s writing a little script for notes when you go live. Remember: you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.
  • We attach our worthiness to other peoples accomplishments!
  • Trish’s Journaling idea: Write yourself a note from your future self, thanking yourself for doing all the steps you’ve taken to get where you are.


  • (2:58) A little more about Trish and how she got started.
  • (5:10) Why building a personal brand can be scary sometimes.
  • (6:29) How Trish built a business that she didn’t really love.
  • (7:10) What does success mean to Trish Taylor?
  • (7:49) What is alighted visibility, and why is it the key to success?
  • (9:47) How to create a magnetic brand that up levels your business?
  • (11:14) How to define what your brand is.
  • (12:15) Embodying your brand and your style cohesively.
  • (13:27) Write out adjectives to define your brand.
  • (14:55) How to create a signature look.
  • (17:01) Trish’s Batch Wardrobe method.
  • (19:25) Struggling with confidence and how to evolve past that fear.
  • (22:30) How mistakes and messing up can be endearing.
  • (24:14) Trish’s journaling idea for worthiness: write yourself a thank you note from your future self.
  • (25:03) The best book Trish has read.
  • (25:56) What does it mean to Trish to make an impact?
  • (26:40) Where to connect with Trish Taylor.


“Getting visible feels scary because building a personal brand means getting really personal, being the center of attention is uncomfortable, especially when all the strategies you should be doing are getting in the way of you being yourself.”

“Your personal brand really does get to be personal–you can’t do it wrong.”

“I think sometimes we label who we are, or we put up our own limitations or barriers and that’s how we end up not liking how we look.”

“Building confidence is really just loving yourself through the different steps that you take.”

“Remember: you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”

“We attach our worthiness to other peoples accomplishments.”

“When you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them.”


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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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How to Create a Magnetic Brand and Visibility Strategy (with Trish Taylor)

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