How to Use Your Voice In Your Business to Make a Greater Impact: Episode 365

In this episode I’m sharing an interview I did with my friend Tracy Goodwin. Her show is all about captivating an audience and using your authentic voice. So in today’s episode, I’m sharing how to use your voice in your business to make a greater impact on the world!

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  • I started my network marketing when I was getting my masters, and had no clue what I was doing. But I was coachable. I saw what was possible as an entrepreneur, and so that glimpse really inspired me.
  • I played volleyball all through college, and that really helped me learn how to be coachable. I apply these lessons to my business. I look for experts in all areas in my business, and my ability to be coached makes me know I can achieve it if I hire the expert for it.
  • My goal is to work with people who want to have a great business, make a big impact, and have a great life at the same time.
  • I used to be so driven by success. I was always working, and I burnt out so bad. I had constant strep throat, gained 20 pounds, got adrenal fatigue, and felt like such an awful mom. I felt like I couldn’t be a great mom and a great entrepreneur. But that’s my passion. Teaching people how the CAN do both.
  • You’re worthy of success! You can make a lot of money and have freedom. Heck yes. Don’t have imposter syndrome, you are worthy.
  • Your business does not equal your worth. You have to let go of the idea that everything that happens in your business is a reflection of your own worth. Failures will happen, success will happen, but those things do not equal who you are at your core. 
  • Anything you’re afraid of takes practice. When I first started podcasting, I was so nervous of public speaking. I would make so many notes before a podcast episode. But as you practice, those fears go away!
  • What are you really afraid of? If that happens, so what? Come to terms with the fact that the worst case scenario of your fear is not actually that bad. Pursue what makes you uncomfortable! That’s where you really truly grow.
  • There’s power in being authentic. Scripted video and audio only go so far, people will know it’s scripted. You need to use your authentic, true voice and talk to your audience like you’re talking to a friend.
  • When you screw up, own it. You’re human! It’s okay if you’re human. And maybe people are inspired seeing it. Be open, use your voice, share your vulnerable story. Those are the things that people can actually connect with. When you share from your heart and create that connection, people will fall in love with you and feel that connection.
  • Sometimes people think their worth is tied up in numbers. Helping one person can totally transform your business.
  • Continue to show up. A client I recently got said she was there from the beginning, she saw when I posted and had crickets. But she was lurking and saw my success and how I progressed, and knew what I was teaching worked. Keep showing up!
  • “Show up, do it messy, take massive action, and serve people well!” And don’t stop, lean into that momentum and keep going.



  • (1:25) A little more about my wild ride of entrepreneurship.
  • (3:39) My start in network marketing, and how it gave me a glimpse of the life I wanted.
  • (4:30) Being coachable is critical.
  • (5:01) How my volleyball background helped me as an entrepreneur.
  • (6:47) How long have I been an entrepreneur?
  • (7:26) What I do in my business.
  • (8:46) The power of trusting people.
  • (9:38) How mindset plays into success.
  • (11:30) Figure out what you want and why you want it.
  • (12:15) Your business does not equal your worth.
  • (13:50) Letting go of control.
  • (15:10) What are you really afraid of?
  • (16:03) Why I’m pursuing doing a TedX Talk…
  • (17:45) Why you need to use your authentic voice.
  • (19:45) How you can truly connect to your audience.
  • (23:04) It’s not about YOU.
  • (24:35) My podcast is a way for me to really connect.
  • (25:50) There are people watching you, show up consistently.
  • (27:05) Batching, and taking time off!



“Being coachable is critical to finding success”

“There’s so much to be said about how you show up”

“Let go of control so you can actually grow”

“When you screw up, own it”

“Show up, do it messy, take massive action, and serve people well!”



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Podcast: Captivate the Room




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How to Use Your Voice In Your Business to Make a Greater Impact: Episode 365

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