How to Show Up Powerfully and Energetic for Your Audience (with Yvonne Castillo): Episode 272

Ready to ditch your pain naturally? Discover the simple steps to pain freedom with Pain-free Movement Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy Yvonne Castillo. With her proven 3-step Mobility Method Yvonne helps women 40+ break free to their pain-free and power life - 20 minutes a day - without ineffective pills, procedures and pieced together YouTube program. When she's not helping women fix the true source of their pain, you can find her running at the beach or hiking the trails of Santa Barbara with her sweet 103 lb Ridgeback Paolo, in the garden transplanting her latest succulent explosion or battling over a friendly game of Mexican Train with her family.

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  • Yvonne talks about how that “grind mentality” has a negative effect on their entrepreneurial journey, and how they show up. She says a lot of people sacrifice their health, and it ends up setting them back from moving forward.
  • Posture is so important. Yvonne says she’s a huge advocate of sit-stand desks. She says standing gives you that high energy. Sitting all day is the worst thing you can do.
    • Make sure computer is at eye level
    • Wear glasses if needed, so you don’t strain eyes
    • Stand on softer surfaces, better for spine
    • Make sure keyboard is lower to help posture
  • Put posture checks on your phone! Every 30 minutes, stretch and walk around. Learn to set timers and chunk your time so your consistently moving your body. This is great for not only your physical health, but your mental health as well.
  • Yvonne says that in her 3S mobility method, she asks what can you do to prepare yourself for what you’re going to do, and then help with the recovery of whatever activities you did?
    • Using a ball, at bathroom breaks roll out shoulders
    • Do stretches on lunch breaks: hip stretches and hamstring stretches
    • Watch posture while sitting, do a figure 4 stretch
  • 3S mobility method:
    • Soften–soft tissue work
    • Focus Stretching
    • Stabilization and Strengthening work
  • “Pain is really your body’s check engine light that there’s something going on.” Listen to your body’s pain and patterns: they are often signals or “check engine lights” of things you are doing that can progress to ongoing problems in your body. Early aches and pains are warning signs. Try to fix these things before they get progressively worse.
  • Yvonne says that your exercise routines don’t have to be hour long routines. She suggests finding what works for you–however long you can commit to. She loves to bookend these stretches and exercises, taking 15 minutes in the beginning and end of the day to reset your body.
  • Things you can get today to start improving your posture and body:




  • (2:18) A little more about Yvonne.
  • (2:45) Why health and energy levels matter for entrepreneurs.
  • (4:05) How can you keep great posture sitting behind a desk, and why this is so important for your physical and mental health.
  • (10:50) Why you need to focus on health as you grow and scale your business.
  • (12:47) If you have to be sitting, how can you help your posture?
  • (17:30) Yvonne’s 3S mobility method.
  • (20:03) Listen to your body’s pain and patterns.
  • (22:30) What schedule or routine you should follow to reset your body?
  • (26:09) Things you need help improve posture/stretching.
  • (32:10) Exercises that are safe to do every day.
  • (34:11) What’s one of Yvonne’s favorite books?
  • (34:45) Where can you connect with Yvonne?




“By opening yourself up, you’re expansive, you have energy.”

“As you grow and scale your business, you have more at stake.”

“We can only be as strong as we have the mobility to move.”

“Pain is really your body’s check engine light that there’s something going on.”




Connect with Yvonne: 

Yvonne’s Upper Body Program:

Facebook Group: The Pain-Free + Powerful Project

Instagram: @dr.yvonnecastillo


Books mentioned in the episode:

Traction by Gino Wickman

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard


Things you can get today to start improving your posture and body:

Lacrosse Ball: Amazon

Standing Desk: Vera Desk

Chair: Harmon Miller

Resistance Bands

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