Inside the Mind of an Olympic Gold Medalist (with Suzannah Bianco): Episode 253

I interviewed olympic gold medalist, Suzannah Bianco, talking all about having a mindset for success and just how important of a role your mind plays in achieving your dreams.
I interviewed olympic gold medalist, Suzannah Bianco, talking all about having a mindset for success and just how important of a role your mind plays in achieving your dreams.


  • Suzannah said that she did feel imposter syndrome, but overcame it by trying to prove herself wrong. She said that she kept that with her and when people told her she might not make it, she liked the challenge. By developing this mindset that knew she could do something, it set her up for success to actually make it happen.
  • She talks about how her parents made her stick with it and from 10 years old, she saw the benefit of not being able to quit and being held to the standard of not giving up on your commitments.
  • Suzannah talks about how 3 days a week she had swim before class and would show up to school in her swim parka and wet har. She knew she was different and accepted that her path was different. There’s a lot of freedom in being yourself.
  • There’s a lot of power living in the moment. Suzannah talks about how, after she won the olympics, reporters asked her what’s next and she was almost frustrated on how much pressure we put on a “what’s next” after we achieve a big dream. Revel in the moment of your accomplishment!
  • What else can you do? What else is possible that you haven’t even uncovered yet?
  • Suzannah says that in order to develop a resilient mindset for success, you first have to have discipline in your daily habits. Have these habits in place that are nonnegotiable. When you have these daily habits, it will enable your mind that you’re not choosing to do it, but it’s actually happening.
  • Create micro habits that will help with your routines. You have to set up your day and schedule it so you can commit to that then you don’t have to question whether or not you’re going to do them, you just do.
  • Suzannah says the mental battle behind pressing snooze is sometimes a toss up. Because if you do it, no one will know. But if it’s going to alter your day and the schedule you have in place, then you just do it. It’s not an option if you don’t give yourself the choice. When you hear the alarm, you pull off the covers and get up.
  • Being committed isn’t a choice and commitment isn’t a feeling. Hold yourself accountable and create a standard of excellence for yourself. Create patterns that will help you take the steps you need to take for success.
  • Suzannah says that the most powerful tool for her to focus on finishing strong is visualization. Visualize yourself knowing every part of your dream scenario, how it will feel and let that keep you, motivate you, and push you forward. Suzannah says that when you get there, it’s all there.
  • Our society doesn’t value daily celebration. Remember to celebrate yourself, it rewires your brain for pleasure. 
  • Suzannah says that you need to handle obstacles or mistakes in your journey with grace. Acknowledge it, accept, it and move forward. Don’t let yourself get into a mindset of doubt and self loathing. Have a progressive mindset. Don’t internalize it, make the switch to just acknowledge the mistake and move on.
  • Suzannah says to strive to do the things you’re doing in excellence. Understand that it’s a process of progress, not perfection. Perfection, Suzannah says, is an ever moving bar. She says you can do things in excellence and still make mistakes. If you strive for perfection, it isn’t as satisfying. So strive for excellence, not perfection. 
  • Suzannah says that the “what-ifs” only get a little room in her brain. If it’s to help solve a problem, she creates space for those, but if it’s to create fear, Suzannah consciously pushes those thoughts out of her mind.


  • (1:30) A little more about Suzannah.
  • (3:10) How Suzannah has the confidence to make her dreams happen. 
  • (5:58) The competition within herself and how that pushed her.
  • (6:30) The power behind sticking with your commitments.
  • (9:45) Her identity as a swimmer–she knew she was different.
  • (11:03) What came next after winning the olympics?
  • (14:13) What else can you do?
  • (15:21) How to develop a committed, resilient mindset?
  • (18:50) Why you shouldn’t hit snooze.
  • (21:06) “Commitment isn’t a feeling.”
  • (23:10) Suzannah’s advice on how to be a strong finisher.
  • (27:08) Suzannah’s experience with visualization at the Olympics.
  • (29:05) Blinders on. Keep the energy in your sightline.
  • (31:38) How Suzannah handles obstacles in life when working to achieve a goal.
  • (33:50) Advice for people looking to succeed at the highest level.
  • (35:09) Some fears and negative chatter Suzannah has had.
  • (37:54) The hardest moments Suzannah experienced on the path to the olympics.
  • (43:03) One of the best mindset books Suzannah has read?
  • (46:20) What does it mean to Suzannah to make an impact?
  • (47:35) Suzannah’s new series, Powerful Perimenopause and what she has coming up!
  • (50:20) Where to connect with Suzannah!


“There’s a lot of freedom in being yourself.”

“I’m living in the moment.”

“Revel in the moment of accomplishment.”

“What else is possible?”

“Keep the commitments that you set for yourself.”

“If you decide to do 20 things at once, you are not going to make it.”

“If you have the commitment in place, the choice is already yes and you figure out how to make that happen.”

“Commitment isn’t a feeling.”  

“It’s really easy to start, not easy to finish.”

“It’s a process of progress, not perfection.”

“Fight the fear monsters.”


Connect with Suzannah:

Powerful Perimenopause:

Facebook Group: Powerful Perimenopause

Instagram: @powerful_perimenopause


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