Creating an Impactful Group Coaching Program (with Cassie Righter): Episode 170

Cassie Righter is a former teacher turned Client Results Expert who uses her unique expertise in psychology and education to help you get kick-ass results for your clients so you can build your brand and become the most sought after expert in your niche. She learned how to help people with diverse background experiences and knowledge access information and feel empowered to take action. And is now here to help you get amazing results from your clients as well--no matter how they learn or the background experience they bring to your group coaching program.

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  • Coaching one on one gives you a chance to have a better relationship with your client. 
  • Figure out your learning preferences (Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic, Visual). 
  • Group coaching is more effective if taught live rather than pre-recorded. 
  • Visuals can also be helpful in the form of graphs, charts, or tutorials.
  • Work sheets can also be useful for certain clients, some will use them, some won’t. 
  • Teaching formula “I do, we do, you do.” Don’t forget the “we do.”  
  • Clients are looking for someone to teach them, but also support them. 
  • Do not use videos that just read text to your clients that they could read themselves. 
  • Completion rate for online DIY courses are 3-5%.
  • There is a book for everything, the main difference between a book and a course is the format in which the information is presented.
  • A coach can be very helpful in helping get out of your own head. 
  • Evaluating a client is more about  seeing if a customer is a good fit, rather than selling to the customer. 
  • What you put out always comes back especially in the case of referrals. 
  • As a coach you have the luxury of pre-screening everyone who comes into your program. 
  • Plan out steps in which your clients need to hit to work their way to their goal and what they will need to do to hit those steps. 
  • Help those who have done things well to improve even further. 
  • Reach out to people individually to check in when someone is falling behind, rather than in a group chat. 


  • (1:55) A little more about Cassie and her background.
  • (4:55) Differences between group coaching and one on one coaching. 
  • (6:30) Understanding how to figure out your learning preferences. 
  • (9:10) Strategies for effective group coaching. 
  • (10:50) Formula for teaching and making sure your clients understand material.
  • (14:24) Creating content that engages your clients. 
  • (17:30) Talking about the good and the bad with online courses. 
  • (20:30) Client Results Formula (Planning, Delivery, and Evaluation).
  • (22:25) Recognizing the kind of client that you can really help. 
  • (24:50) Making sure that clients in a group coaching setting do not get left behind. 
  • (26:00) Creating objectives for your clients. 
  • (27:45) Understanding where you want your clients to be. 
  • (28:40) Reaching out to people in a group coaching setting. 


“I do, we do, you do.” 

“Someone can complete your course and never implement it.” 

“It’s easy to think that giving the information means people will get it, it’s just not true.” 

“Don’t be afraid to go with your gut.”


Books Mentioned in this Episode: 

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

Connect with Cassie Righter:

Instagram: @cassierighter


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Cassie Righter is a Client Results Expert who uses her unique expertise help you build your brand and become an expert in your niche. She talks about How to Create an Impactful Group Coaching Program, why group coaching is beneficial, and lots more. Click to listen to the full interview. Repin and grab my free cheat sheet to get more leads for free using Pinterest! #shesmakinganimpact #entrepreneur #entrepreneurtips #girlboss 
Creating an Impactful Group Coaching Program (with Cassie Righter): Episode 170

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